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Pregnancy Photographer in Tuscany

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What does it mean for you to expect a child?

How do you EXPERIENCE your pregnancy?

A pregnancy photo shoot is not just a way to remember a moment of great change; it’s also the last opportunity to document your couple’s dynamics before it transforms into a family.

Your body is doing something incredibly beautiful. Taking pregnancy photos with your partner is a great way to strengthen your bond and celebrate a new life about to be born.

Wedding photographer in Tuscany 47 1

MATERNITY in Tuscany

Your experience matters

You wonder what kind of mother you’ll be, if you can handle the weight of such a significant change, if you’ll avoid making too many mistakes. You alternate between days of great strength and enthusiasm and days of fear and pessimism.

Moments when you experience yourself with beauty and gratitude and others when all of that disappears. But you love that belly so much. You caress it, close your eyes, and daydream.

It moves, and you watch in surprise and amusement. Your partner listens to it, gets emotional, kisses it, and hugs you. And you feel happily scared, secure in your insecurity.  

My experience

Honors yours

Being a pregnancy photographer in Tuscany is an opportunity that fills my heart with gratitude: witnessing such a significant moment of change makes me feel honored and lucky.

The way you and your partner experience pregnancy will guide me in my work, and understanding your needs and emotions will help me meet your expectations.

As a pregnancy photographer in Tuscany, I’ve chosen not to have a photography studio; I prefer the naturalness of outdoor spaces or the intimacy of your own home.

Intimacy and romance lead me to use home spaces and natural light to create passionate and private shots. Vibrancy and a love for nature lead me to use outdoor spaces to create dynamic and spontaneous shots.

What matters most is that the experience we share together reflects your way of being, feeling like a couple, and experiencing this special moment.

As a pregnancy photographer in Tuscany, I will take care to create a situation that makes you feel comfortable. I’ll know how to guide you if you reach out, and I’ll capture your uniqueness if you feel free to express yourselves.

Pregnancy Photographer in Tuscany - Laura Barbera Photography
Pregnancy Photographer in Tuscany - Laura Barbera Photography


Let's honor this change together

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