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Engagement Photographer in Tuscany

Wedding photographer in Tuscany 26 1

How can a photograph strengthen the bond BETWEEN two people?

What if it could REVEAL something about you that's invisible to your eyes?

A couple’s photo shoot is not just a way to celebrate the love between two people and create a memory that can withstand the test of time.

A couple’s photo shoot is an opportunity to view your love from an external perspective and discover each other in a way you may never have seen before.

Wedding photographer in Tuscany 26 1


Your experience matters

Imagine walking through the streets of the historic center of Florence in the early morning light, hand in hand. You smile, look around, and enjoy the beauty of the still-sleeping and silent city. You glance at the engagement ring you’ve been wearing for a few days, and your heart fills with joy and anticipation. You lock eyes, embrace, and you are happy and excited, dreaming about the future that awaits you. A kiss, a smile, a look at Ponte Vecchio.

They call it happiness. 

My experience

Enhances yours

Being an engagement photographer in Florence is a wonderful opportunity: turning your experience into memories is what makes me happy.

I know this city like the back of my hand, and I know the exact time on that day of the year when the first rays of sunshine penetrate the ancient alleyways of the city. And it’s there that I will accompany you to merge your happiness with the beauty that surrounds you.

As an engagement photographer in Florence, I will guide you to discover the most iconic locations in the historic center, create a relaxed atmosphere to make you feel comfortable, and let you express yourselves and your bond in the way that suits you best. No forced poses, just naturalness and spontaneity.

And that’s how the magic happens.

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The beauty of special moments is eternal through photography, don’t allow memories to fade away over time

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Your authenticity, the uniqueness of the surroundings, and the sensitivity and experience I bring as an engagement photographer in Florence will transform into memories that will remain indelible over time.

You will recognize yourselves in the engagement photos you look at, rediscover the same emotions you felt, and discover how your spontaneity tells the story of the love that binds you, only reinforcing the trust and confidence that you are in the right place with the right person.


Let's create this magic together

Tell me about yourselves