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Pre-wedding photoshoot in Florence Tuscany

pre-wedding photoshoot in Florence Tuscany

Pre-wedding photos in Florence Tuscany

There are many reasons why I always suggest a pre-wedding photoshoot in Florence Tuscany to couples who have chosen me as their wedding photographer in Tuscany.

The first is: “why not have a wonderful memory of a moment full of enthusiasm in a wonderful place like the city of Florence?”

It seems trivial but in reality, we are not always aware of what is beautiful and how much a photograph can help us not to forget it in the future.

I say this in general, not only in reference to the pre-wedding photos in Florence.

If we go more specifically, another good reason to decide to have a pre-wedding photoshoot in Florence Tuscany is to get to know your wedding photographer better, to establish that relationship of trust indispensable to be able to rely on the wedding day.

Another good reason is to experiment with your future husband or wife interacting with being on the other side of a camera.

Not everyone is familiar with photographs, on the contrary, I often find couples who are very embarrassed to be photographed on their wedding day.

In these cases, a pre-wedding photoshoot in Florence Tuscanyis the perfect choice to melt the ice, understand how to interact in front of the camera and experiment with movements, poses, and attitudes that reflect your way of being.

All this will make your wedding photo shoot much easier and you will feel more confident and relaxed because you have already experienced what it is.

And trust me, this is really a great added value.


Pre-wedding photoshoot in Florence Tuscany

Jess and Micheal decided to have their pre-wedding photoshoot in Florence Tuscany with me, although they then chose another photographer for their wedding in Tuscany.

They are a brilliant couple, elegant and very in love. It was really easy to take their pre-wedding photos in Florence because right from the start they melted in front of the camera and showed themselves how they are in everyday life together.

We chose a late May afternoon, just before sunset, the crowds of tourists were inevitable, so we chose to alternate between inner alleys a bit ‘darker but quiet, and the riverside lively and bustling. Too bad that the sky was a bit ‘cloudy because we could not enjoy the magnificent sunset that colors the river golden.

Usually, when I have to do a couple’s photo shoot in Florence, I suggest the early morning, before the tourists flock to the historic center of the city because the atmosphere is really very intimate and romantic. Also early in the morning, the sun’s rays cross the alleys of the city and I really like being able to play with the light for the couple portraits.

In this case, however, despite the chaotic afternoon, what came out was a very spontaneous, natural, pre-wedding photoshoot, without any need to direct any pose, a modern and in some respects glamorous service. A concentration of dynamism and liveliness, elegance, and love.

I chose to publish some black and white photos, not only because I love this type of photography, but because I believe that black and white helps to better read the emotions and the content of the photo without distractions.

I hope that seeing these pre-wedding photos in Florence will make you want to book a couple’s photo shoot in Florence.


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The photos of the Pre-wedding photoshoot in Florence Tuscany  are taken by Laura Barbera wedding photographer in Tuscany