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Intimate wedding on Elba Island in Tuscany

intimate wedding on elba island in tuscany

Wedding photos in Portoferraio

What you are about to see are some photos taken at an intimate wedding on Elba Island in Tuscany in early October last year.  A wedding photography service of a few hours but full of emotions and beauty.

When I think about what it means for me to get married, I could answer by showing these wedding photos in Portoferraio: the essence and not the appearance, the shared affection and not a cold formality, the genuine care in the little things and not the opulence of lavish details, the joy of enjoying every single moment in the naturalness of one’s own way of being and not the tension of an idealized perfectionism. I really loved the story of these two wonderful guys and how they catapulted me into their intimate family world.


Intimate wedding on Elba Island in Tuscany

The morning began with some family shots during the groom’s preparation, a few minutes to have a memory of the moment without invading the confidentiality and embarrassment in front of a camera. To then reach the bride with her family and immortalize her preparation and that of her bouquet with plants and flowers of their garden, a moment of rare beauty.

We then reached all together by boat the city of Portoferraio for the ceremony in the Town Hall, at the end of which we walked towards the Medici Fortresses of Portoferraio for a toast on the terrace of the Bastions and some family photos.

An intimate wedding on Elba Island, simple and heartfelt, that I wanted to share in black and white because the color would distract attention from the meaning of every moment, because the black and white fits perfectly with the atmosphere of this wedding from the taste of the past and because intimacy for me can only be in black and white.

I hope that you can find these words in the photographs you are about to see.

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The photos of Intimate wedding on Elba Island in Tuscany are taken by Laura Barbera wedding photographer in Tuscany