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Wedding photography tips for brides

wedding photography tips

Wedding photos are something you cherish for a lifetime. They show a part of your life you, your children, and your family to look back on, smiling. They represent the start where your new family’s history began that your grandchildren or great-grandchildren can see. I take wedding photography seriously. It is extremely important to me to get you the best pictures of your special day. That is why I want to share some wedding photography tips with you on how to do just that.


What you want is most important

wedding photography tips

Weddings are an age-old tradition, its easy to understand why you feel pressured to follow it. Anyone of your relatives or even wedding planner may press about following specific standards, but their opinions don’t control your choices. This day is about you and your partner so what matters most is what you want, otherwise, you will feel frustrated and constrained on your special day. Rules are meant to be broken and in order for you to enjoy your day to the fullest, you do what it is you want.


Get ready in a well-lit, clean area

Wedding photography catches what is happening at the moment. Surrounding yourself with the people you love most reduces stress that comes with any wedding. It also assures that the only people in the pictures with you are the ones you absolutely want. For pictures to be taken, it is good to pay attention to your surroundings. Any trash or discarded items littering the tables and floor will show in the background of the photos of you getting ready (For a few more tips read “Tips for best getting ready photos” and “The importance of light in your wedding photos“)


Good things come to those who wait

Taking a good wedding photograph takes time. Rarely, these photos take less than fifteen minutes to complete. Allocate the proper amount of time to take these shots. You don’t have to feel anxious about the time, instead, enjoy these free moments with the person you love. Don’t be concerned about the guests that have to wait for you to finish. This is your break from them and the stress of the day. This is your time and they can wait twenty minutes longer for you to take the pictures of your dreams.


Good lighting is key

One of the main factors that affect how your wedding photographs come out is light. Between early to mid-afternoon it will be the brightest unless the day is overcast. If it’s too bright it will create harsh shadows. For the photos, the best time of day would be late afternoon or the hour before sunset where the light is ideal. While you are reading during the day, standing by windows ensures good lighting and great photos of you with your loved ones.


Consider banning phones from the ceremony

Sometimes, while well-meaning, guests can get in the way of official photography. Once, as I waited for the bride, guests leaned into the aisle completely blocking my view of her entering with her father. I was unable to take an official picture for an important ceremonial moment. To prevent this from occurring, it is best to speak with your guests about just sitting and enjoying the ceremony, leaving their phones aside.


wedding photography tips
Il Borro wedding

Group Photo

Getting everyone together for a group photo is a hassle. Asking your maid of honor or best man to gather the guests expected in the photos instead gives me plenty of time to work. This also gives you extra time to relax with your guests without worrying about the hassle. For more info about the group photo, click here.


Trust me, I’m right for the job

For me, the most important part of this job is making sure you get the photographs you expect. Tell me all you have in mind or want from me. Tell me your most important moment and who you want a part of them. If you feel I did something wrong, don’t be afraid to let me know so I may fix it and put your mind at ease.


Take time alone on the dance floor

For your first dance with your partner, consider taking a minute or two on the dance floor alone. This is a special time, the first time you dance as one, don’t let a crowd get in your way. Treasure it, and in doing so allow me to take beautiful photographs of the moment.


Finally, enjoy yourself

This is the first day of the rest of your life, enjoy it. Weddings are stressful, things go wrong, but try not to sweat the small stuff. It’s understandable that a lot of time was put into this and you want everything perfect, but what’s most important is that you are happy on this day. Take the time to slow down, relax, and enjoy yourself. Your photos depend on it. For with happiness comes radiance, and from your radiance, a magnificent photo.


I hope you enjoyed these wedding photography tips. They are just a small guide to help you enjoy your day to the fullest. You do not have to follow them to the letter, just consider the underlying meaning in them, that this is an important day and you deserve to be at your happiest. I hope that some of what I said offered reassurance to you and will ease your worries.



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