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Wedding Photographer Tuscany Hills at Casa Masi in Montaione

Wedding Photographer Tuscany Hills at Casa Masi in Montaione

Wedding Photographer Tuscany Hills: Outdoor wedding in Tuscany

The first thing I remember about the wedding at Casa Masi in Montaione, were the words that the bride, Jolanta, told me as soon as we met: “I feel uncomfortable being photographed, I don’t look good in photos”. I immediately thought, ” How is that possible? You are so beautiful!”

Actually, as a wedding photographer Tuscany Hills, I understand perfectly the discomfort that you can feel in front of a camera, in front of a person you see for the first time in your life and who will spend the whole day of your wedding by your side shooting a burst of clicks in one of the most intimate and exciting moments of your life.

I thanked Jolanta for confessing to me this fear because knowing it allowed me to work respecting her shyness, not invading her spaces too much and trying to put her at ease. For me all this is essential to the way I conceive the job of a wedding photographer Tuscany Hills.

I can’t tell you how happy I was when I got Jolanta’s message after delivering the photos:

“Hi Laura, just wanted to say massive thank you for capturing the best day of our lives You such a talented person, the pictures are just amazing. You made me so relaxed on the day, which I can’t thank you enough, as you know now, that I am not the biggest fan of getting pictures taken of me”

Well, for me these words are the greatest job satisfaction, much more than having taken a “beautiful” wedding photograph.

Wedding Photographer Tuscany Hills: Getting married in Tuscany

Wedding at Casa Masi in Montaione

The second thing I remember about the wedding at Casa Masi in Montaione, in addition to the suffocating heat of that weekend in late June, is the delicacy and elegance of the bride, the shy and loving looks of the bride and groom during the outdoor ceremony, but also the smiles amused and accomplices during the wedding couple’s photos in the vineyards.

During the wedding I focus a lot on the emotions of the spouses, I like to observe them and take all the necessary photos until I have that photo that according to my sensibility, expresses in full the emotion of the moment.

I try to capture everything that happens spontaneously by finding the right angle to create beautiful photographs of that moment. I hardly ever intervene in the flow of events, it may happen to ask for those 10 seconds more to be able to reach the right position. Or I ask to indulge the light when it gives an added value to the photo, rather than avoid exploiting it and have a less beautiful photo.

The moment of the couple’s photographs is what I consider “more settled” because I try to guide the bride and groom depending on the light that is there at that time. I like to create a relaxed atmosphere, with irony but also with respect for intimacy. The most important thing for me is that the spouses can interact with each other in their usual way. If a couple is very affectionate and uses contact, you will also see it in the photos; if the couple is more introverted but ironic, this will emerge.

It makes me happy and extremely satisfied when a couple flips through the wedding album with a smile and tears of emotion. I think this is priceless.

I leave you to a small selection of wedding photos at Casa Masi in Montaione di Jolanta and Mark, hoping that all the words you read before, you can see them in the pictures.

A special thanks to my friend, colleague, not that alter-ego Andrea Fabbrini who supported me as always photographically and morally.

Wedding planner: Italian wedding Designer    Fiori: Mainardi flower design    Hair and Make up: Suely Menichetti    Video: Alte Vedute    Celebrante: Efffetti