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Are you planning your wedding timeline? If yes, the importance of light for beautiful wedding photos is a crucial factor that you should not overlook. You can have the most fantastic wedding with great emotional moments. However, without great photos, then you will have nothing to help you remember that great day.

As a natural light photographer, I always prefer taking photos using natural light. In fact, I rarely use an LED spotlight or flash even when taking pictures in the evening unless I have to. I love using natural light because it enables me to take great wedding pictures than natural light. The mood and contrast created by natural light are amazing and does not look unnatural or fake as it is the case with artificial light.


Why it is crucial to think about light when panning your timeline

As a wedding photographer, that last thing that I can do is dictate your wedding day timeline. However, I have learned so many things about lighting from my career, and I have something important to share that can help you with having a perfect light for beautiful your wedding photos. However, before I share my take about lighting how it will affect the quality of wedding photos, I want to make it clear that you don’t have to use all or any of them on your wedding timeline. This is because professional wedding photographers always know what to do to give their clients quality wedding photos regardless of time. However, following my guidelines can help you get stunning images that you will hold dearly for the rest of your life.

The importance of light for beautiful wedding photos

Getting ready photos

light for beautiful wedding photos
Wedding in Montepulciano

You will start writing your wedding story at the preparation stage. The quality of light in the preparation room will determine if your wedding photographer will take quality photos or not. If you want pictures that look beautiful and elegant, then you need to ensure that the room has sufficient natural light.

I suggest that you choose a preparation room that is spacious and has large windows to allow natural light to come into the room evenly, even when artificial lights are off. Also, choose a room with light-colored walls to allow light reflection.

Avoid rooms that have weird colors on the wall, such as orange, red, and purples. Also, avoid a room with tiny windows and a low ceiling. They will not give your stunning look the credit it deserves. These things are only relevant when taking color photos, not black and white images. If you want to take beautiful and elegant pictures, then ensure that your room is spacious, well lit, and has light-colored walls.

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Light at the wedding venue

I love outdoor weddings because the lighting is always great. However, if you are planning to take your wedding photos on direct sunlight, then you should avoid the hot hours (between 10 am and 4 pm in summer).
Besides being the hottest time of the day, taking photos during the midday can leave harsh shadows under your eyes, making you appear like you have dark circles. The same thing can also occur on your nose. To avoid this, try to avoid taking photos when the sun is too hot.

Holding your wedding ceremony early in the day will also not give you quality photos that you are looking for. This is because it is tough to fix a patch of shadow on your face. Your photographer will also have a difficult time capturing great shots when you walk from sunlight to shadow.

If you want a perfect light for your wedding photos, then you should hold your wedding later in the day (about 2-3 hours before sunset). You will also capture breathtaking photos of the ceremony site during this time.


Lighting at the reception

If you want to add pretty bokeh on your wedding photos, then I suggest that you add Italian sting light to backdrops. They are ideal, especially on outdoor yards to boundaries around the eating area and the dancing floor. They can also be installed around the reception to enhance its look.


Couples portrait

If you want to take quality portraits in an open area, then I suggest that you take them during the golden hour (the last hour before the sun goes down). Consider taking a short break from the reception to capture beautiful couple’s portraits during the golden hour.

Cutting the cake

light for beautiful wedding photos
Wedding at Il Borro

Many of my clients prefer cutting the cake at a different venue from the dinner table. To many couples, it sounds great to image cutting the cake under an olive tree or in the middle of an Italian garden. However, many couples forget lighting, which is very important. Regardless of how great your cake looks, without proper lighting, your wedding photographer cannot take great images. If you must cut the cake in a different venue, then I suggest that you talk with your wedding planner to arrange lots of candles around the cake or have a bull’s eye light around you when you are cutting the cake. This way, the photographer will take beautiful shots. However, if all these are not possible, then an LED spotlight is a great alternative.


Lighting at the dancing party

During your first dance, you should discuss with your wedding planner to get you some warm natural lights to enhance visibility. However, when dancing with your guests, you can use Dj lights.


Most couples worry about being overcast on their wedding day. If that is the case with you, then don’t. Overcast will make everyone look great, and you also don’t have to worry about portrait timing.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the light for beautiful wedding photos. I’d be happy to help you.


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