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Wedding photographer Arezzo

Photo wedding ceremony

Wedding photographer Arezzo: a wonderful wedding in this city

Tuscany is a wonderful land and, of course, not only its most famous cities are the perfect destinations for a dream wedding. Recently I was lucky enough to work as a wedding photographer Arezzo, a small city with a magnificent land all around.

I was lucky both because I  worked in such an enchanting area of Tuscany and also because I got to know Lindsey and Gianmarco, a very beautiful couple.
Their beauty is not a purely aesthetic one (or, at least, not only! This is clearly visible to anyone’s eyes), their beauty is especially the inner one.

The love that they transmit with their eyes can be noticed from the very first glance, and that’s why their wedding album was filled with affection, emotions and tenderness.

They are very private people with great complicity between them, they are totally in love and very ironic.

The bride and the groom have chosen Tuscany as a location for their wedding because the province of Arezzo, the place where Gianmarco was born and raised, also reflects their passion for nature.

They both love nature and always want to get in contact with it, and my job as a photographer,  for this wedding in Arezzo, was also to grasp their genuine and deep relationship with their beloved Tuscan land.

We made a slightly different wedding shooting: we went to the discovery of a magical, rustic but also elegant place, which allowed us to experience their most beautiful day immersed in the green of the trees and surrounded by the transparent waters of a stream hidden in the countryside of the province of Arezzo.

Wedding Photographer in Arezzo: get married in Tuscany

Lindsey and Gianmarco’s s  wedding album is different from what we are used to seeing and this is the sort of thing that makes me love my job as a wedding photographer Arezzo:  all around is magical, rich in traditional architecture and natural spaces.

Lindsey and Gianmarco managed to put together both these things, celebrating the wedding ceremony in the beautiful Cloister of the town of Montevarchi, defeating a very unexpected heat and the hottest midday sun.
An unusual time to take pictures, that also made it difficult to do my work.

But this is the kind of situation that definitely represents one of the reasons why I keep on really love my job: the challenges that it leads me to face from time to time. I never back down, even when I photographed this wedding in Arezzo, Tuscany, trying to better manage the strong light and the sharp contrasts with the shadows that the midday sun entails.

The most important thing for me is to be able to give the couple an emotional memory of their marriage in a wedding album that reflects their love, their passions, their beauty and the delicacy of their being together.

This is an outdoor wedding in Arezzo that I really loved a lot, not only for the wonderful married couple – who chose me as a photographer for their wedding – but for the intimate, natural and elegant places that they let me discover, in this land that I love so much.

Tuscany is really perfect to experience and celebrate your most beautiful day as well as to take magnificent photographs that will remain forever as an indelible memory.

-Lindsey & Gianmarco May 27, 2017-

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