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Engagement Photographer Rimini

servizio fotografico pre matrimoniale in spiaggia

Engagement Photographer Rimini: “Antonella & Matteo…and the little Margot”

What you are going to see is definitely the pre-wedding photography session on the seaside I prefer. The reason? Simple.

Antonella is my dear friend, the one we call “my best friend” in adolescence, and in adulthood becomes “my alter ego”, even if the thing does not change.

We have met during the course of specialization in psychotherapy, we have spent several times together and we know each other even those things that we sometimes struggle to recognize ourselves.

We are tied by a long line of 225 km, exactly the miles separating Florence from Rimini … a line that it strengthens when we are together and as time passes.

I don’t remember exactly what I said and did when last August, they told me they would be married; I remember only 10 seconds of short circuit in which the brain thought I was invited  to a party organized by them with a priest, to whom I probably could not (fortunately) participate in probably work commitments (Will I be hired for a wedding on Saturday, June 3rd ?!).

However, from the 11th second, the amygdala turns on and starts to weep with joy … My Friend is going to married, I can not believe it.

Finished screaming like a hysterical woman, crying and hugging us, I immediately think that I would like to be the official photographer of their marriage and of course, their engagement photographer Rimini. The only thought that someone else points their lens on them and has a place in the front row in the spinning of that day’s emotions gives me a deep jealousy.

I Thought … I Told… I Done …

It’s been nine months and, almost like a pregnancy, it really misses the fateful day. I look forward to being there, next to her, and enjoying the show with them.

I present them, here they are, during a mini pre-wedding photography service at Rimini beach and along the pier, beautiful smiling and deeply in love … their complicity and their happiness can only be thought of as a fairytale finals…” and they lived happily ever after”.



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