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Wedding Photographer Chianti

matrimonio all'aperto in toscana

Wedding Photographer Chianti: a wonderful wedding in a fantastic place

Photographing a friend’s wedding is a very important event for me. On one side you feel emotionally very involved, on the other, you feel you have the greatest responsibility, precisely because of the strong connection between you two.

Fabio and Alessandra decided to get married in Tuscany and when they chose me as their wedding photographer Chianti, I got immediately excited. I really love the area of the Chianti hills that they picked to celebrate their wedding, both because I was born and lived there for many years and also because I adore the rolling hills featured by vineyards and olive groves and all these tastes like home.

That’s why I’m used to shooting in this area of Tuscany and despite I work as a wedding photographer in Tuscany for several years, every time it is pleasure and a new discovery.

Fabio and Alessandra, the bride and the groom, have decided to celebrate their wedding outdoors, at the beautiful Villa Il Petriccio, located on the typical hills of Tuscany. A very special place where you can organize an intimate wedding ceremony in the beautiful setting of the Chianti area, surrounded by vineyards and, of course, by the generous Tuscan hospitality.

The bride, with her princess gown, was really beautiful. As I know her, I might seem partial, but trust me, I’m just saying this out of my professional point of view as a wedding photographer Chianti.
The shy and private love that their eyes can make out has made this wedding very touching and special.

All this sweetly emerges through their wedding album, full of moments of love, spontaneous images and romantic photographs taken while the couple was going through the olive groves and vineyards that surround the Villa Il Petriccio in Montespertoli.

Wedding Photographer Chianti: The beauty of the Chianti hills

Fabio and Alessandra got married in the fabulous setting of the Chianti hills and for this very special and important day, they chose me as their wedding photographer. The Chianti hills are the jewels of Tuscany, known for the wine which takes the same name and for the typical landscape, a perfect destination to celebrate weddings, in a rural atmosphere and at the same time surroundings very romantic, rich in colors and also in good food.

The Chianti hills in Tuscany are the ideal field to celebrate a wedding: the golden yellow colors of the sunsets and the bright green of the vineyards make the perfect setting to take the photos that will compose the couple’s wedding album.

During outdoor weddings, my job as a wedding photographer Chianti becomes even simpler, because the frame is always perfect. When the bride and groom are beautiful and totally in love like Fabio and Alessandra are, the work becomes even easier.

My job is to capture the details, the most intimate and significant gestures, the emotions through the friends’ hugs, the relatives’ tears of emotion, all this in order to give the bride and groom a wedding album able to make them remember one of the most important days of their life, their wedding in Tuscany, in the warmest atmosphere of a summer day on the Chianti hills.

A preview of the wedding on the Chianti hills

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