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Pregnancy pictures in Florence

pregnancy pictures in florence

Maternity photoshoot in Florence

In this pandemic year ( can I say it?!) I found myself taking more pregnancy pictures in Florence than usual. And among the many marriages postponed again to next year, one of the reasons is that the date of marriage matches with Baby’s due day.

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but I like to think that this year of managing this huge change in everyday life has led people to be more aware of what makes sense of their lives. And I think for a couple project, pregnancy is another step that solidifies the relationship and creates a new way of being together. Like moving to a later level of maturation.


Pregnancy pictures in Florence

This is the case of Tommaso and Viki, a solid couple that has been together for several years and I should have been their wedding photographer in Tuscany. But the pregnancy messed up their plans, and before we celebrated their marriage, we had to celebrate a new life. And what better way than to take pregnancy photos in Florence?

We spent an hour together really nice. Between the embarrassed smiles in front of the camera, between the games on the bad and the directives that the little Dante (Viky’s first child)  suggested to me for the pregnancy photos to be taken, time really flew. 

I chose a selection of the pregnancy pictures in Florence that I liked the most, I hope they can be an incentive to encourage you to have unforgettable memories in the time of such an important moment in life.

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