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Pregnancy photoshoot in Florence

pregnancy photoshoot in florence

Pregnancy photos in Florence

After a long time, I turned on my camera to take a pregnancy photoshoot in Florence. 

I don’t deny that staying away from people because of the pandemic for so long had created for me what psychologists call “hut syndrome“. That feeling of anxiety about the idea of leaving home again after a prolonged period of isolation and social distancing. 

Inside I felt the happiness of going out to take a pregnancy photoshoot in Florence, a very intimate moment for a couple that I particularly like, but I also felt a kind of discomfort.

But that actually lasted until I rang the doorbell of Mirco and Beatrice’s house. I was very happy to have met a couple of really nice guys and in love. A very special and beautiful house, two super affectionate kittens.


Pregnancy photoshoot in Florence

I like taking pregnancy photos at the couple’s home. I don’t like studio photos in a rigid pose because you lose the naturalness and intimacy that you create in a known environment.

I know how difficult it is to feel comfortable in front of a camera (I prefer to be on the other side in fact 🙂 so I think that a pregnancy photoshoot in your home, is the best way to make people comfortable.

On the other hand, it is not always easy to find the right light inside the houses to take beautiful pregnancy pictures. Not knowing the environment, as soon as I enter the houses, I carefully appraise the best spots and I wing it.

It is not always possible to find that light that I love very much, which creates that contrast between light and shadows that makes the photo very intimate. But I adapt and invent.

As in the case of this pregnancy photoshoot in Florence, where direct sunlight entered the bedroom but could not completely illuminate Mirco and Beatrice, making it impossible to take photographs.

Then I lowered the shutter and played with the rays of light that crossed the crevices. I used the shadow areas but I also used the light of a window door in the living room to create more contrasting photos.

I am very happy with how this pregnancy photoshoot in Florence was, especially when Mirco said he was right to choose to do this photo shoot because for 1 hour of their time they were together, relaxing, touching the belly, and really enjoying this moment of expectation. That in the frenzy of everyday life, it is not easy to find.

I leave you to a small preview of the pregnancy photoshoot in Florence, with the hope that it can be of inspiration to you.



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