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Wedding Photographer In Certaldo Tuscany

wedding photographer certaldo

Wedding Photographer In Certaldo: An Intimate Wedding in Tuscany

It is rare to find a couple who decide to celebrate their marriage surrounded by the presence of the witnesses and the celebrant only, those indispensable figures to avoid the marriage happening.
Working as a wedding photographer in Tuscany I had the opportunity to capture this kind of wedding.

The spouses, together with the wedding planner from Firenze who they have entrusted the organization of the wedding to, asked me to follow their intimate day, which turned out to be full of love and not at all obvious, full of emotion and very delicate. No guest does not mean lack of involvement, indeed, the intimacy and exclusivity of the moment make the event even more exciting.

Their wedding took place in Certaldo Alto, in Tuscany, a medieval village located on the hills in the green Val D’Elsa. By choosing me as their wedding photographer in Certaldo, I only followed their preparation and the celebration of the marriage ceremony. I joined them at Villa Mangiacane, a very elegant location, where I found a delicate and very reserved couple truly in love and happily smiling.

The bride immediately impressed me with her gentle beauty, her elegant ways, and her tender shyness; the groom struck me for his resourcefulness, his sympathy, his colloquial way of speaking, and making me part of a day so important to them.
From there we moved to Certaldo Alto, in the center of the small and charming medieval village. The intimate ceremony took place in the cloister of the Palazzo Pretorio of the village, an ancient and suggestive place, fortunately, protected from the storms that accompanied the spouses throughout the day.

The celebration of the wedding was moving and exciting, the couple looked at each other with deep complicity and vivid emotion that infected all of us present: me, the wedding planner, the witnesses, the violinist and the celebrant. The groom’s family also followed the celebration live through skype.

After the ceremony, the bride and groom, under their umbrella and with the best smile of those who have just crowned their romantic dream, decided to take a walk through the historic center of Certaldo Alto giving me the opportunity to take romantic photographs of the couple, the indelible memory of this intimate day.

Wedding Planner: Weddings in Tuscany

Flowers: Heaven Flower Fioristi

An intimate wedding in the Chianti countryside in Tuscany

– 30th May 2016 –

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