Wedding Photographer in Tuscany
Destination Wedding Photographer in Florence

Ciao, I'm Laura!

I’m intrigued by people and relationships, I’m fascinated by emotions, love and nostalgia

Wedding photographer in Tuscany

Cancer ascendant Aries: Sensitive and empathic, romantic and pragmatic, determined and moody, altruistic and reserved, shy and sociable, a complex contradiction

Psychologist psychotherapist: Deeply attracted by the functioning of the human mind, intrigued by the multiple expressions of the human being, constantly searching for meaning in things.

Cats and skirts lover,
Book and Gin tester,

Family, Friendship and Time well spent, are the podium of my priorities

Keywords: sincerity, honesty, respect

Amor Fati, nothing happens by chance

Wedding photographer in Tuscany

I'm a professional photographer and especially a destination wedding photographer in Tuscany and Florence
A human being attracted to people and fascinated by relationships.

My photographic style is a mix of natural storytelling and dynamic portraits, inspired by the light, stories, and emotions of people.

I’m a travel companion, a guide. I don’t like to manage your movements or your ways of expression.
I aim to document every love story as it unfolds, authentically, and spontaneously.

Keywords: Empathy, Sensitivity and Flexibility.

I’m the person who will turn your trust into responsibility, respect, and professionalism

I’m the person who will create the memory of one of the most important days of your life


“ I have always tried to take photos with kindness without invading, without creating discomfort reactions”

–Paul Fusco-

Keyword Empathy and Respect for the intimacy

“ I try to keep my mind free and clear, I’m not looking for something I already have in my head, but I leave open the possibility of catching an unexpected reality”

–Alex Webb-

Keyword Spontaneity and Care of photographic composition

“ What’s the use of having a great depth of field if there is not an adequate depth of feeling?”

–Eugene Smith-

Keyword Sensitivity and Attention to details

The beauty of special moments is eternal through photography, don’t allow memories to fade away over time