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Hi I'm Laura!

...or I should say "Hi, I'm a lucky woman because my job is my greatest passion!"

Destination Wedding Photographer Tuscany And Florence

I'm a professional photographer and especially a destination wedding photographer in Tuscany and Florence: I adore being able to tell love stories, to immortalize looks, gestures and feelings, to capture unique moments that you will live forever.
My relationship with photography started thanks to my father and his camera, he took pictures of every important family moment. Today I still look at those photos with great pleasure: I believe that they're able to tell stories and keep memories alive in such a unique way - that's why I love them! Since school, my camera has been my faithful friend... and it was revealed to be a good ally with whom I get to know people and my own self.
Yeah, because if photography is one of my greatest passions, psychology is the second one. I've always loved observing people: I've always felt a curiosity about the others, about their stories and their personalities.
That's the reason why, after I studied psychology in Florence and got a specialization in psychotherapy, I managed to bring together my two main competencies: empathy and love for photography. So I made the decision to focus on phototherapy, a discipline in which photography becomes an instrument of psychological introspection and comprehension of one's thoughts and feelings.

Destination Wedding Photographer Tuscany And Florence

I do believe in the power of the (apparent) coincidences, I believe that nothing happens by chance, I believe in the importance of following one's instinct and the importance of pursuing a personal talent. I adore the deep thoughts a book inspires or the ones that may come while observing everyday's life.
I love food, I love cooking and sharing it. I love seeing summer sunsets while drinking some white wine at the beach and I love reading books on the sofa under a blanket during winter. I love music, 70s and 80s rock bands and Vasco Rossi's concerts. I love traveling and enjoying my beloved Florence while riding a bicycle. I love Neorealism, Dadaism and the great Caravaggio in particular. I love converting the feelings I get from the surrounding world in inspiration for my photos. I've got a crazy passion for long skirts and my cat Fiona. I couldn't live without my few but trusted friends, without my car, without the fear that gives me courage.

"Photos are footprints of our mind, they mirror our lives, they are reflections of our heart, memories that we can hold in hand, immobile in silence - forever if we would like to. They witness not only where we've been but they also point the route we could undertake, whether we're aware of that or not..." -Judy Weiser, Phototherapy

“ I have always tried to take photos with kindness without invading, without creating discomfort reactions”

–Paul Fusco-

Keyword Empathy: as a destination wedding photographer In my work, I always try not to go beyond the limits because I have a deep respect for the spaces and the intimacy of other people. I understand very well when it is the case to take and when not.

“ I try to keep my mind free and clear, I’m not looking for something I already have in my head, but I leave open the possibility of catching an unexpected reality”

–Alex Webb-

Keyword Spontaneity: I love telling what happens without interfering. I'm a professional wedding photographer that carefully follow the events of the day and try to capture the most significant moments, always having a special consideration for the best photographic success

“ What’s the use of having a great depth of field if there is not an adequate depth of feeling?”

–Eugene Smith-

Keyword Sensitivity: I rejoice with you, I get emotional with you, I recognize the care and attention to detail, the gazes and the small gestures are of great importance

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