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The importance of the wedding group photos

wedding group photos

Are photos of groups of people important for the wedding?

wedding group photosAlmost every couple who gets in touch with me asks the same question: “Do we have to take pictures in groups?” and my answer is always “Yes, taking wedding group photos is important and you’ll realize that only after seeing your wedding album“.

I always let the couple make the last decision but most of them that decided not to dedicate a little time to groups’ photos at their wedding have truly regretted it.

I know that on your wedding day you’d prefer enjoying cocktails with your friends, sipping some prosecco, sharing the feelings of the day and probably eating something since you had nothing since early morning. The last thing you would want to is wasting time on boring wedding groups photos with relatives and friends. You’re right, and I must confess that it’s not the part of the job I mostly adore.

But I can assure you that these kind of photos are fundamental for the wedding: if you think about it, the wedding gathers around you all your loved ones on a very special day, then wouldn’t it be lovely to keep this memory through a picture you will look at any time you wish to?

The importance of the wedding group photos

The wedding group photos are important because they’re not simply pictures of relatives standing in a queue, but they offer a visual legacy. Very often I look at my parents’ wedding album and I feel so joyful while observing the faces of the people I’ve met several years after. These pictures take me back to a past I don’t belong and it feels extremely pleasing to look at those people like you’ve never seen them. The same will happen to your children or nephews when they’ll see your wedding group photos.

Furthermore, let’s say the truth, the group photos are fundamental because they represent a tradition: how many times will it happen to you to see your family in its extreme beauty and elegance? Have you ever thought about how happy would your parents or grandparents be, if they received a picture of you together on the most important day for your families? Memories do have an inestimable value and photographs have the power to evoke an infinity of emotions and thoughts.

wedding group photos
Wedding in Val d’Orcia

How long does it take for group photos? How could we not waste too much time and get bored?

Now that I might have convinced you of the importance of these photos on your wedding day, I’ll give you some advice on how to spend a brief time while having fun too.

Consider that, in order to gather a group of only 6 people, it takes at least five minutes: grandmother walks slowly, mom is in the bathroom, dad is talking with the uncle and there are no traces of your sister. Not everyone can be immediately ready to reach the chosen place to take pictures.

My advice is that you and your companion decide for a maximum of 6 groups of people you really care of, the ones you want to have a photographic memory of. Consider 8/10 people per group and write down a list with their names. Then share the list with me and in case you prefer more creative and original pictures, let’s discuss it together, so that I can propose you the most suitable solution to fulfill your desires.

Don’t leave me alone when the moment of taking photos in groups comes, because I may not know all the guests except for your family; ask your bridesmaids to help you gather the people, so that it will take less time since the groups will be ready and waiting to be photographed.

By doing this way, you’ll have the wedding group photos you wanted in half an hour more or less without having to leave your lovely prosecco for too much time.

wedding group photos

What do you think about these suggestions? Were they helpful? Leave a comment, it might help other people like you.

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