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Wedding under the rain: how to get the best from a rainy day for your wedding photos

Wedding under the rain

A wedding under the rain

Keep Calm, I’m marrying tomorrow… and it will be a wedding under the rain!

Wedding under the rainYou’ve continuously checked out the weather- report until two hours before the ceremony, but nothing has changed: rain, rain and still rain! You’re mad about it and you’d kill any person that says “a wet bride is a lucky bride”.
You’ve been organizing this day for a year at least, you’ve dreamed of an outdoor celebration with sunsets, aperitifs by the swimming pool and dinners under a sky full of stars. A wedding under the rain was out of the question.

Well, take 10 minutes to cry, to be desperate, to curse, to find a tutorial on Youtube teaching you the Rain Dance; then open a good bottle of Prosecco and enjoy your party, because a wedding under the rain is absolutely unique, romantic and amusing too.
You’ll survive this, I can assure you!

Start thinking about a plan “B” from the beginning

When you start organizing your wedding day, think about a plan “B” that could possibly be your salvation. Make sure that the location you choose has alternative spaces that you like where you can celebrate the ritual and have dinner with your guests. You could also rent beautiful transparent curtains to cover the tables’ area, so that your dinner is safe and filled with a romantic atmosphere under the sound of the rain. Place some stoves in case the temperature is too cold and make sure all your friends have soft and warm blankets. If you’ve already thought about this, don’t worry then! Your wedding under the rain has got nothing to envy to the one you had previously imagined.

Wedding under the rain

What will happen to the wedding photos?

Let me reveal you a secret, the light becomes very friendly to us photographers when it rains: it’s weak and it creates an absolutely romantic atmosphere. I love taking wedding pictures under the rain, that’s why I always bring with me a white umbrella and a transparent one for the couple, so that they’re encouraged to have fun under the rain. The only thing you have to bring is some trainers or colored boots and the will to have fun without fearing that your dress might get dirty. If you think about it, photos will be the only memory you’ll have of your wedding day. You would have to bring your dress to the laundry and store it away in the wardrobe anyway.

Wedding under the rain

Make sure you have white umbrellas for your bridesmaids too, it will be fun to take pictures together under the rain. It will be a unique memory for you.

In case you really don’t like this idea, just make sure that the location you selected has beautiful indoor spaces illuminated by big windows; the light will certainly create nice contrasts and the photos will result pleasantly intimate and romantic. A beautiful hall with a sofa would be cool too, that’s how we could solve the problem of taking groups’ photos. ( If you wish to know more, you’ll find a full article here).

If I still haven’t convinced you and you can’t let go the idea of taking photos in the sun, we could always take them on the following day of your wedding, hoping the weather improves. We could always organize a photographic session of the couple without being in a rush.

Wedding under the rain

Sadly the weather is the only thing we can’t control when organizing a wedding, then be prepared to it and find alternative solutions so that you won’t have anything to worry about. Trust your photographer for your wedding photos under the rain, trust his/her creativity, talk with him/her and share your ideas. In case the photographer would be me, I can assure you we’ll have lots of fun!

What do you think, then? Did I convince you? How do you feel about these suggestions? If you want, share here your thoughts… I’d be happy to answer you back. And thanks for still being here!