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Pre Wedding Photoshoot Florence

Winter couple photos in Florence

Pre Wedding Photoshoot Florence: a romantic winter couple photography

Working as a wedding photographer and living in one of the most touristic cities in Italy, it’s normal to work much more during the summer months than in the winter months, but I think taking a pre wedding photoshoot Florence has absolutely its appeal.

Perhaps I’m one of the few people who love winter, cloudy days, warm wool scarves, the cold wind that cools your face. I like the somewhat melancholic atmosphere that you can breathe, so I was extremely happy to have been able to make a pre wedding photoshoot Florence at Mirtha and Wenas. A nice couple very complicit and in love coming from Jakarta and in Italy for a holiday without children.

Pre Wedding Photoshoot Florence: Winter couple photos

We met in the morning at 9 o’clock in Piazza Duomo, trying to avoid tourists who fill the streets and squares of the city during the day, so as to have beautiful couple photos without people disturbing in the background.

We took a long walk through the streets of the historic center of Florence alternating natural and spontaneous photographs with couple portraits more posed. I remember with a smile the affection and complicity that binds these two guys, the gestures of kindness and love that they exchanged, looked like just engaged on their first trip together. I’m thrilled to see how married couples with children who have lived together for years can feed their relationship as if they had just met. I often realize that this work teaches me so much on a human and relational level, I can only be grateful for this.

I was very happy when Mirtha and Wenas immediately after the couple’s photoshoot wrote to me: “thank you very much for the photo session this morning. Both of us rekindled the nice lovely feeling we used to have when we had no kids. Than you for making it easier for us”.

I thought that the pre wedding photoshoot Florence taken together will remind them of these words every time they look at them and those times when they feel more like parents than couples.

I leave you to a small selection of the couple photoshoot taken in Florence, I hope you like it and that makes you think about how important it is to carve out moments away from your children to rediscover the love that holds a couple together.


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