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The best spots to propose in Florence

best spots to propose in Florence

What’s the best spots to propose in Florence?

Are you looking for the best spots to propose in Florence surprising your loved one? If yes then you’re in the right place.

Located in the heart of Tuscany, Florence is one of the best places in Italy to propose to the person you love. This great city provides a perfect setting for a memorable proposal, form its green rolling hillsides that surround the city to its beautiful palaces all over the city center. Many couples who visit this incredible city choose to propose to their loved ones and later get married here.

Planning a marriage proposal in Florence is not easy. You not only want to make it unique, but you also want to keep your partner in the dark until that day. A single miscalculation can mess up everything. You, therefore, need to be very careful to ensure that everything goes as plan. Planning for a marriage proposal in a foreign city is even more complicated because you know very little about the city. However, if it is done right, then you can create beautiful memories that will last forever. In this post, I am going to give you tips on the best spots to propose in Florence.

The best spots to propose in Florence

Piazzale Michelangelo

If you want to make your marriage proposal unforgettable, then look no further then Piazzale Michelangelo. This spot is incredibly popular in Florence due to its beauty and serenity. Piazzale Michelangelo is located on top of the hill, overlooking the beautiful city. The place has two levels which are connected by a staircase. While inside, you can enjoy the fantastic view of sunset of Tuscany and the sun disappearing behind Ponte Vecchio and Duomo.

If you want to propose to her while the sun is going down and also while overlooking the great city of Florence, then you won’t go wrong when you choose this spot. If you prefer a warmer situation, you can kneel in front of her while the street musician plays great Italian music to make the moment unique and special. When it comes to matters of love, then you can always count on Italian people.

The best spots to propose in Florence

San Miniato al Monte Church

Piazzale Michelangelo is usually very crowded, especially in the evening. So, if you want to propose to her when it is only the two of you, then you visit this place early in the morning. If you find the place already crowded, don’t panic. Instead, just walk for about 5 minutes to the Basilica Di San Miniato a Monte. Their staircase over there is similar to one in Piazzale, but this spot has few people. Please watch your time. This place closes between 7 pm and 8 pm. You can get to Piazzale Michelangelo via taxi or a bus from the city center. (Click here to look a whole proposal)

The best spots to propose in Florence

Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio is one of the best spots to propose in Florence. The location is lively and has many fantastic things that you will excite your girlfriend. However, I always advise people not to propose on the bridge because it is usually very crowded. Instead, I recommend that you follow the river until you reach a place known as Ponte Santa Trinita. Here, you will not only enjoy a great view of Ponte Vecchio, but you will have the much-needed space to propose.

The best spots to propose in Florence

Sesto on Arno

If you prefer to pop the question in the hotel, then look no further than Sesto on Arno in Piazza Ognissanti. It is one of the few hotels in the city that give you to golden opportunity to view almost all the bridges of this great city. Their food is also very delicious, and their staff are very professional, friendly and discrete and will ensure that your proposal plan goes as planned. You can spend time inside if it cool and view the great city from large windows, and if it is warm, then you can sit on the terrace outside and enjoy the view.

The best spots to propose in Florence

The Boboli Gardens

If you would love to propose to your girlfriend in a beautiful garden, then the Boboli gardens will not disappoint you. The Boboli garden is the most famous garden in Florence and has plenty of cool spots where you can propose to your girlfriend. However, it is important to mention that professional photographers are not allowed to take pictures in the garden. So, if you were planning to hire a professional photographer to capture the special moment, then this is not the right spot for you.

The Bardini Gardens

This is also another beautiful garden with a great view of the city. It has two entrances, the most convenient one being the Via Costa Giorgio 22. A taxi to get you to this entrance. Once inside the garden, the path is all downhill. There are plenty of spots that are ideal for proposal. The exit is very close to Ponte Vecchio. If you like a quiet and less crowded garden then Bardini in the right garden for you.

The Rose garden

Another beautiful garden to visit if you prefer a garden proposal is the rose garden. This garden is located just a few meters below Piazzale Michelangelo. It is a great place, and both you and our partner will get to enjoy the magnificent view of Florence city. The garden has many benches where you can sit and enjoy nature before popping that big question.

The best spots to propose in Florence

The Carousel in Piazza Della Repubblica

Located in the heart of Florence between Ponte Vecchio and Duomo, Carousel in Piazza Della Repubblica is one of the best spots in Florence to make a marriage proposal. It usually opens from early afternoon till 10 pm and tickets cost € 1.50. I recommend that you book at least five tickets because your proposal might take longer than expected. The best time to visit this incredible place is after dawn when it is quiet and less crowded.

The best spots to propose in Florence

If you are planning to make your marriage proposal unique and memorable, you need a professional photographer to capture all those special moments. If you are looking for a professional photographer in Florence, then I will be thrilled to help you. I can also suggest the best spots to propose in Florence and the best time and I can help you in the planning process without your girlfriend noticing.

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