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Intimate pregnancy photos in Florence

Intimate pregnancy photos in Florence

Pregnancy portraits: Intimate pregnancy photos in Florence

More and more mothers decide to treat themselves to pregnancy photos as a memory of an important period of their lives. I find it simply beautiful, to have the opportunity to look and to express themselves in a different beauty than usual through the photographs of the maternity period.

Photographs are indelible memories, capable of reviving emotions and moments that sometimes fade in its memory. But pregnancy photos have a special value because they can be seen even by who were waiting in the belly. It is a sharing, a moment of closeness and explanation between the mother and her child and I think this is invaluable.

I am always very happy when I am contacted for a pregnancy photoshoot, someone does it well in advance, filling me with questions and looking for reassurance, while someone else does it at the last moment.

This is precisely the case of Frances, a beautiful girl from New York who is in Florence with her husband, who has a one-year contract in the city. She writes to me telling me that until then she wasn’t going to take any pictures of the baby bump, but she thought it was nice to be able to document his pregnancy.

From the day of her email to the day of the photoshoot, just five days have passed and I am very happy to have managed to take some pictures of her with her husband in their home in Florence.

The day was not beautiful, the light inside the house was very little but the play of light and dark contrasts that has been created was really the perfect setting and I particularly love this.

It has created an extremely intimate atmosphere, Frances and her husband are of disarming beauty, almost as much as the complicity, the sweetness, the elegance, the love of their gestures and their way of being together. It was really a wonderful and intimate pregnancy photoshoot in Florence, I hope you can enjoy the essence by looking at this choice of photos.

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