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Why getting married in the fall is a good idea

getting married in the fall

If you are a nature’s color lover, the warm light and the intimate atmosphere, thinking about getting married in the fall might be a good idea. If you hate the sticky summer heat, if you want your wedding day to never end and if you want to spend as much time as possible with your friends and family, then thinking about getting married in the fall is definitely the right choice for you.

We know how difficult it is to choose your wedding date, especially when we think that getting married on a Saturday in the summer is the only acceptable solution. That’s why moving at least 1 year and a half in advance becomes necessary to make sure you get the date, the location and all the suppliers you’ve already been eyeing.

With this article, I would like to make you reflect on the advantages of getting married in the fall from my “photographic” point of view.

getting married in the fall
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Advantages of getting married in the fall

The stunning colors

From a photographic point of view, the colors that nature offers us in autumn are wonderful. The warm tones of yellow, red and orange make the atmosphere more intimate and cozy. Colorful plants become the perfect background for unique wedding photos.

If your dream is to have couples’ photos among the Tuscan vineyards, remember that in May they are still bare, in June they start to sprout and grow but in October the leaves will turn golden in the warm light of sunset. Outdoor places that are unattractive in summer, such as the woods for example, in autumn they dress in colors and become a perfect setting for couples’ photographs.


The perfect light

The light in autumn is softer and warmer, it doesn’t create sharp cuts between the shadows and the lights. Even a cloudy day can create a more intimate and interesting atmosphere.

In summer the light is much harder. Before 6 in the afternoon, it creates very strong contrasts, especially in the middle of the day. For example, if you want to organize an outdoor ceremony, always consider the time and where the sun is because a wrong choice could compromise the photographs of the outdoor ceremony (If you want to deepen the importance of light for your wedding photos, click here).

getting married in the fall

The ideal weather

In autumn the weather is not as hot and humid as in summer but it is not as cold and dry as in winter. It’s that middle ground that won’t make your future husband sweat since prep with all his friends wearing the suit like him. And it will also allow you to choose a wedding dress with lace sleeves or a wide, beautiful and heavy taffeta skirt. Autumn tends to be also less rainy, compared to the strong summer storms that very often screw up the organization outdoors.

In recent years marriages in May but also in June and the rest of the summer months, have been accompanied by strong storms that have forced to turn on plan B. It’s fundamental to provide an alternative plan in case of rain, for any season of the year.

Those who decide to get married in the fall seem to be more aware of the unpredictability of weather forecasts. React more calmly in case of rain than a couple who choose to marry in summer and who invests great expectations on an outdoor wedding.

As in summer, even in autumn if it rains, the couples’ photos can be taken outdoors, playing with a beautiful transparent umbrella or using the beautiful interior of the venue chosen for the reception ( If you want to know ” How to get the best from a rainy day for your wedding photos “, click here).


More time to spend with friends

getting married in the fall

Getting married in the fall also means enjoying the wedding day more because you have more time available. You’re gonna wonder how it’s possible, and I’m gonna say it’s obviously light-dependent. Considering that the sun sets between 17 and 19 (depending on the day of the month) the ceremony will take place in the early afternoon when the light is still high but soft. At the end of the ceremony, it’s the best time for the couples’ photos, which take advantage of the sunlight. After that, there will be plenty of time to spend with your guests.

In summer we tend to use the sunset time as an ideal time to take couples’ photos, both because the light is the best, and because before it is very hot. This means that couples often skip aperitifs with friends, or arrive late for dinner or have to interrupt the dinner itself to follow the photographer.

Have you ever thought about planning your wedding in the fall in the morning? After the ceremony, you would sip your prosecco in the sun with your friends without melting. You could have lunch under the pergola and cut the cake just before sunset. A quick couples session with perfect light and then free to dance during the blue time. It could be the perfect solution for a midweek wedding.


After reading all these good reasons for getting married in the fall, did I convince you? I hope I can at least get you to think about a viable option to include in your choices.