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Engagement Photography Session in Cinque Terre

Engagement photography session in Cinque terre

Engagement Photography Session in Cinque Terre: Couple potrait photography in Vernazza and Manarola

When someone contacted me for an engagement photography session in Cinque Terre, I am always very happy. Either because taking pictures of a couple in love who has just engaged in a project of life together, it is a privilege; both because the Cinque Terre is a truly beautiful place.

Kevin contacted me a week before this couple’s photoshoot, telling me that he would come to Italy to celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday. For the occasion, he organized a weekend in the Cinque Terre and he would have loved to be able to take the opportunity to take some engagement photos. In fact, Kevin asked Victoria to marry him just a month ago.

I was obviously very happy to be able to say yes. Our only concern was the weather, until the day before it rained incessantly and forecasts put rain even on the day of the photoshoot. We got in touch the night before and decided to try to meet us. It was the right choice because from lunchtime the sky has freed up itself from the clouds and for some time we also had the sun.

It was a very beautiful engagement photography session in Cinque Terre, Kevin and Victoria have two absolutely contagious smiles. They are beautiful and in love, it was really easy to let them express in their natural way of being together and take some pictures that remind them of this special moment.

We met in Vernazza where we took the first part of the engagement photoshoot, then we decided to take the train and go to Manarola, where we found a beautiful sun that accompanied us until sunset.

When we said goodbye I was really sorry to leave them, I would have wanted to stay with them for more time

One of the things I love most about this job is the chance to meet some wonderful people that would otherwise be extremely difficult to meet. Share for a few hours an important moment of their lives, create a beautiful harmony, and be part of their memories forever.

The magic of photography!