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Engagement Photographer in Florence

Engagement Photographer in Florence: Pre wedding in Florence

What you are going to see, as an engagement photographer in Florence, is one of the most entertaining photography session that I have done.

Thanasis and Joanna are two guys originally from Athens but living in Europe. They have been together for many years and finally, Thanasis has decided to give her the ring and engage with her in a project of life together.

They chose Florence to celebrate their engagement and they chose me as their engagement photographer in Florence, to be able to have some engagement photos as a memory of this important moment. We had a lot of fun, despite Thanasis’s initial fear of not being at ease in front of the camera.

We took a walk through the streets of the historic center of Florence on a windy December morning.  We started from the main square where there is the cathedral, Piazza Duomo, after we reached the Uffizi gallery passing through Piazza della Repubblica. We had a walk along the river Arno to take some nice pictures with Ponte Vecchio in the background.

I love taking some candid pictures while the couple walks, chats together, looks at the sights. But I also like to take some romantic couple portraits when there is a beautiful spot. I love playing with the light, with the rays of sunshine, but in this case, it wasn’t possible and I tried to do my best even though it was cloudy.

I was struck by their complicity, by the desire to laugh and have fun together, by the love they show through their gestures. It is really a privilege to be able to photograph engaged couples who are so in love and leave them an indelible memory.

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