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Pre Wedding Photographer tuscany: Surprise wedding proposal at San Miniato al Monte

Tim’s and Kristen’s was the first wedding proposal in Florence that I had the honor of photographing as a pre wedding photographer Tuscany. I’m saying so because, in my opinion, the emotions that feel at such a moment are exaggeratedly strong and all concentrate in few minutes.

When Tim wrote to me asking if I was available to arrange with him a surprise wedding proposal, I was happy to be free and to be able to help him.

We decided for the sunset time, that here in Florence it has fantastic gold colors, and, thinking of a place not too crowded, I proposed the Church of San Miniato al Monte. I sent him some photos of the place and Tim was in love with him.

I was really very excited because everything focused on one minute and unexpected risks can scupper everything. Fortunately, it went well but my hands trembled since I saw them climb up the stairs almost until the end of the service.

The strong emotion of Tim and Kristen was absolutely contagious, it is hard not to move in front of tears of joy and happiness.

Doing a pre wedding photographer Tuscany’s job is worth only to be able to experience these intense emotions and to know that your photos will always reawaken the memory of what they have experienced.

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