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Elopement photos in Tuscany under the rain

Foto di matrimonio con la pioggia

Outdoor wedding at Lupaia Montepulciano

Ask me what is the thing that amuses me the most when I work as a wedding photographer in Tuscany and I will answer by taking elopement photos in Tuscany under the rain!

One of the biggest fears of brides is to celebrate their wedding in the rain, while for me it is one of the most fun and exciting situations of my work.

I understand well the disappointment of the spouses, after months and months of organizing their outdoor wedding, dreaming to celebrate their union under the sun of the Tuscan countryside, when they find rain, wind, and threatening clouds that don’t seem to want to leave room for the sunny sky. How to blame them, maybe they have not even considered this possibility and they haven’t a good plan B that can replace plan A without losing the beauty of the whole wedding. (If you want to know how to make the most of the rain for the success of your marriage, read this article).

This wasn’t the case for MK and Sam, who litterally rode the wave for their elopement photos in Tuscany under the rain and let themselves be carried away by the enthusiasm of the moment.

Elopement photos in Tuscany under the rain

The young American couple you’re about to see has chosen to get married in Tuscany without guests, just the two of them. What is called “elopement”, is to crown their union and deeply enjoy the importance and emotion of the moment alone.

Mk and Sam have chosen Lupaia as the perfect setting for their outdoor wedding a few steps from the Val d’Orcia, a luxury hotel nestled in the Tuscan countryside located on the hill in front of the wonderful medieval village of Montepulciano. An excellent premise to enjoy the tranquility and unspoiled nature of the place and to exchange your wedding promises in intimacy.

But fate reserved for them another program and instead of a hot sunny summer afternoon, reserved for them an afternoon of water bombs. But this has not extinguished the enthusiasm of the bride and groom and even less of the photographer. I always carry with me two transparent umbrellas, because, in the event that it should rain during a wedding, I always suggest to the married couple to take advantage of a unique and unrepeatable moment and follow the flow.

I did the same with MK and Sam, at first we took some photos of the outdoor wedding before the time of the ceremony when it was still not raining. After that, during the storm, we used the interior spaces of the hotel to take some intimate portraits.

When we saw that the weather was showing no signs of improvement, I proposed to celebrate the ceremony outdoors in the rain using my transparent umbrellas.

And you don’t know how happy I was to hear: “okay, let’s do it”.

Everything that happened after that was an incredible emotion, both for the newlyweds and for me. Despite being soaked and trying to protect the cameras, I can say that these elopement photos in Tuscany under the rain have been one of the most beautiful wedding photography services I have ever taken. And the merit goes all to the bride and groom, who didn’t let themselves be discouraged and decided to follow the enthusiasm and emotions they felt at that time.

As I soaked in water, I couldn’t think of anything but listening to the deep love promises that the guys were exchanging and capturing every emotion from their faces. It was wonderful! I’m grateful for all the beauty that my eyes and I could look at.

Now I let you enjoy this selection of photos and then tell me if, despite the rain, these guys are not the portrait of love and happiness!

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The elopement photos in Tuscany under the rain are taken by Laura Barbera Wedding Photographer in Tuscany