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Tips for best getting ready photos

Memories last a lifetime – and your wedding photos are something that you will want to treasure and cherish forever. While it is understandable that you would want to get the best group photos of your wedding party and other photos of the biggest moments of your wedding, nothing beats great wedding photography that builds anticipation and shows off every moment of your wedding – big and small. For example, you may want to include best getting ready photos of your big day!

Imagine being able to look back at the photos of your bridesmaids helping you into your gown, adjusting your veil, and being able to see the look on your parents’ faces as they see you for the first time. That is a priceless photo – and it can be yours, as well as any other precious moment that occurs during this time.

Don’t worry as to whether or not you can get these photos taken – your wedding day photography will begin the moment you wake up and start getting ready for your wedding.

The best part of my job is working with a soon to be a wedded couple – photos of the bride preparing are such a huge part of those special moments, and I am so glad I can be part of that. These are the types of photos that you will want to look back on, with your family and friends, and reminisce about your memories together – what you were doing, how nervous you felt, the topics of discussion, etc. Getting these photos right is one of the most important aspects of my job and I enjoy the challenge.

I am sharing the following six tips to help you get ready for your big day to help ensure the best getting ready photos possible!

Tips for best getting ready photos

Location: pick a beautiful and well-lit venue

The quality of your photos depends on how well lit your venue is. You will also want to consider the ambiance and setting that you want to portray in your photos. Whatever ambiance and theme you want to set your wedding at, the best lighting will always be natural lighting. The photos always turn out amazing due to this. The contrast of you getting ready for your wedding, with the natural lighting, always creates the best photos. If you enjoy any of the photos in my portfolio, you will know exactly what I am talking about.

Your makeup artist or hairdresser should help you get ready in front of a large window – if they are not, then you should explain to them that it will help enhance your wedding photos.

best getting ready photos
Wedding at Il Borro in Tuscany

Cleanliness: keep your area free and clear

Remember that I am taking best getting ready photos for your big day – so one thing you don’t want is for there to be piles of makeup strewn around on a table or a pile of clothing on a couch in the background of your pictures. Those are not the photos you want to display your big day. Clear up any messes that you see and the pictures will thank you for it.

Organizing: keep everything in one space

This is an important step, as it will definitely save you a lot of time and energy while you are getting ready for your big day. It’s no fun having to stop everything and search around for something you have forgotten or don’t know where you put it. Also, in my experience, many brides enjoy displaying their wedding gown and accessories for their photos. These, plus some other props, can definitely add another element to your wedding day photo collection if you choose to go this route. Displaying an antique jewelry box or stand, or a special hangar for your wedding gown can definitely add something extra special to your photos. Whatever room you have commandeered to get ready in, make sure that everything is organized, with plenty of lighting, so that you can display your gown and other accessories to their fullest potential.

best getting ready photos

Dress Berta

Pre-Bridal Gown: what to wear as you get ready

Don’t forget – I will be taking photographs of you as you are getting ready for your wedding! This includes when you are not in your wedding gown – so make sure that you have a great look that you feel confident and beautiful in. Whether this is a customized bridal robe and pajama outfit, that matches with you and your bridesmaids, or a simple dress that matches the color scheme of your wedding, it’s up to you and the effect that you want to make. Have fun!

Planning: remember your timeline

I will be with you as you are getting ready for your wedding – but that is not the end of my duties. Before the wedding even starts, I will have to photograph the groom and his party, beat the guests to the venue, and photograph everything as it is happening at the venue before the wedding even begins. But the trickiest part of all this is how long certain aspects of getting ready takes. Hair and makeup generally take a lot longer on your wedding day – so this will need to be planned for, otherwise, everything will get off schedule. Ensure that there is a little bit of leeway between certain tasks (hair, makeup, getting dressed, arriving at the venue, etc) so that I can have time to take photos if one appointment goes a bit over. But you want to make time for the photos so that they can come out the best of my ability – even half an hour before the wedding starts, to take a few shots of you in your gown, will be immensely helpful.

Best getting ready photos

Enjoy Yourself!

I will be with you, photographing your every move (or so it will seem like!) – but don’t be self-conscious or wary of my lens. Enjoy yourself! Enjoy every moment of your big day and just be yourself. The best photos are those where you are yourself, but happy and relaxed and eager to start your day. Ignore the camera and just enjoy the moment. Trust me to take the best photos possible for your wedding day – you won’t regret it!

This advice comes from the many weddings that I have photographed, so I hope you will take them into consideration. The most important aspect of having the best getting ready photos is the joy of the bride and groom – so don’t forget, it’s your wedding day! Enjoy the day and the photos will reflect that inner joy and happiness.