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Wedding Photographer in Tuscany

italian wedding photogaphy in florence

Wedding Photographer in Tuscany: a fantastic wedding on the hills of Florence

I love traveling and telling, through my photographs, the exciting stories of people who come to Italy to get married and crown their dream to live happily ever after.

For me it is always a pleasure to meet people who particularly care about their wedding photographs, because,  immediately, a deep harmony and sharing of intents  is created.

A wedding is one of those rare occasions when the whole family and friends of a lifetime come together to celebrate the couple. My job is to immortalize the love stories through my photographs, collecting the most important and precious moments of what will surely be an impossible day to forget.

The preparations for a wedding must be flawless in every single detail: the bride and groom want their wedding to be unforgettable and that’s why  the preparations for the fateful day begin almost a year before, starting from the search for the church, then moving on to clothes, the choice of wedding rings and, finally, the perfect location. This latter has a fundamental importance because it will then be the frame of the wedding photo shoot that I will go to realize.

Wedding Photographer in Tuscany 

Everybody knows  that Italy is among the most popular destinations for foreign couples who want to get married . The breathtaking landscapes, the picturesque locations, art and history of our country have always been a call for those couples who want to crown their dream in the “garden of Europe”.

Tuscany is certainly among the most beautiful Italian locations where to celebrate the wedding.

It hosts every year, with its amazing hilly landscapes, hundreds of couples who want to swear eternal love and get married.

You can see, on my on line portfolio, photographic services realized as wedding photographer in Tuscany, in the city of Florence, on the boundless hills of Chianti or in the beautiful province of Arezzo.

I still remember those intense days, full of emotions, spent to immortalize those traditional Italian weddings celebrated in front of the spectacular colors show that characterizes the beautiful Tuscan countryside in September.

It  is really a privilege, for me,  to be present in your most intimate moments, but even more so  it is the moment you tell your wedding day through my eyes, my shots and the prospect of a wedding photographer in Tuscany.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Tuscany and want to know more about prices and availability, you can contact me here.

Wedding Photographer in Tuscany: Sofia and Michele   

I love traveling and telling stories of people who come to Italy to get married and fulfill their dream. But when I meet couples like Sofia and Michele, I’m really happy to be able to do my job as a wedding photographer in Tuscany.

A harmonious couple, nice and very in love. I remember with pleasure our meetings when, between spritzes and two laughs, they spoke to me with enthusiasm and emotion about all the details of their marriage.

It is a pleasure to meet people who consider important wedding photographies, because immediately there is a profound harmony and sharing of intent. It was a busy and emotional day, a traditional Italian wedding where it couldn’t miss the warm colors of our beautiful Tuscan countryside in September.

Special thanks also to my colleague photographer Barbara Fabbri who has enriched the story of this wonderful wedding in Tuscany with her beautiful photographs.


Venue: Pietra Antica

Flowers: Andrea Tinti Fiori

Cake: Pasticceria Miele


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