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Wedding Photographer in Milan Lombardy

Wedding photographer in Milan: get married in this city

Milan, the home of the Western Roman Empire and Napoleonic capital of the Kingdom of Italy, is today considered a center of art, culture, and innovation. It’s a cutting-edge city able to molding itself remaining in step with the times.

All the couples who choose to get married in Milan, remain fascinated by the combination of past and present, the imposing Duomo built during the sixteenth century surrounded by the most important fashion streets, the right touch of elegance and beauty but also transgression and unconventionality.

It is the city of a thousand possibilities, that’s why it is quite impossible to not being attracted to organize your wedding in Milan. I love the air of freedom that you can breathe in this city, I have always been attracted to it, therefore I am particularly happy when they choose me as their wedding photographer in Milan.

Matteo and Manuela live downtown and love their city, and they are a dynamic and smiling couple who loves to have fun and who loves to transmit joy to anyone who has to do with their life. This was the first time I met a couple that decided to get ready together for the wedding,in the same house, managing not to cross each other and see each other before the ceremony. Try to imagine how it has been fun to live with them and their families this exciting moment.

When they choose me as a wedding photographer in Milan and told me how they would organize their wedding, I was really happy, I couldn’t wait to meet them. They were so unconventional in choosing to get ready together and very traditionalists in choosing the Church of Fontane in Milan to celebrate the rite of marriage. Specifically, they got married in the cloister from the 1500s, a beautiful place adorned with ancient frescoes, a truly magical place.

Through my job as a wedding photographer in Milan, I have often the opportunity to know such wonderful places in Lombardy region that are not always known by everyone. Milan is the capital of business and fashion, but nearby the city you can find beautiful villas, cottages, estates and old houses surrounded by greenery.

Matteo and Manuela have chosen to celebrate the day of their wedding together with their friends and relatives, at the suggestive Castello di Cernusco Lombardone, a building of medieval origin that dominates on a hill.

A place rich in history, featured by an ancient tower of the ‘300, both elegant and simple, was the perfect setting to celebrate the wedding of Matthew and Manuela. A fun reception, a group of unleashed friends, lots of laughter, and shared affections.

A preview of the wedding photo shoot in Milan

Matteo and Manuela

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