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Waiting for Godot: Wedding photos’ delivery

How long do I have to wait until I can see my photos after the wedding?

You’ve just got back from your honeymoon, your luggage is still on the bed, your wedding day seems so far away and you start thinking about your wedding photos’ delivery. You know well that the only thing that will remain (apart from the rings, obviously)  are your wedding photos, the same one that has the power to make you live again every single moment, the same one that your professional photographer has made for you and with you.

Okay, but how long does it take to have my wedding photos back?

If you still haven’t talked with your photographer about the wedding photos’ delivery, just ask him, and he will tell you. I always tell my couple and include this in the agreement: I deliver all pictures within three months after the wedding and I also try to send a little preview some days after the wedding.

I know, three months seem so long but you should consider that weddings all concentrate mainly during the months in the middle of the year and from March to October; apart from wedding services I also work a lot with foreign couples who come to Tuscany wanting an engagement’s photography service in the gorgeous Florence or in the Tuscan countryside. That’s the reason why the photos’ delivery takes so long. I don’t like delivering a job that is not well-finished, even if it means doing it in shorter times. Quality doesn’t fit good with speed.

Why working on wedding photos requires so much time?

Not everyone can imagine the hard work a photographer must do after taking pictures on a wedding day in order to achieve a good result.

To create what you can see below a quantity of time is required, which has to be multiplied for 400/500 shots at least.

But I want to explain you through this infographic the flow of work that affects the wedding photos’ delivery, beginning from the day after your wedding to the day you’ll receive all of your pictures.

Wedding photos’ delivery infographic

infografica Lau Barbera 02

Is it now clearer to you why the wedding photos’ delivery take so long?

Be patient, it will be worth the wait.

If you need any further pieces of information, please contact me or tell me about your experience, I’ll be happy to answer you.

Thanks for still being here and thanks to Marco Lari for his help!