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Do I need a second wedding photographer?

Do I need a second wedding photographer

Why is so important a second Wedding Photographer

Every wedding and every couple needs are different, so, I think that it the decision of the wedding couple to decide if they need a second wedding photographer. One photographer can be more focused on the storytelling of the special day, but they can miss some crucial moments, for example, because the groom and bride are getting ready in separate places, and one photographer cannot be in two places at the same time.

If you would like pictures of every moment of your wedding day, and you will be in different places, then you should consider having a second photographer. In today’s post, we are going to look at the role of second photographers, common misconceptions about them, and important considerations to help you decide whether a second wedding photographer is worth your investment.

Role of second photographers

Most of the time, people ask, “what’s the role of second photographers?” which is not a bad question. Generally, the main role of a second photographer is to assist in providing photography coverage when the lead photographer is busy and capturing moments from different perspectives as well. If you and your fiancé are getting ready in separate places, your lead photographer will capture at one location and the second photographer at the other.

When it comes to your couple’s photo session, the lead photographer can work with you as the second wedding photographer captures the relaxed and exciting moments of your guests. That way, the photographer will be able to catch special moments of the guests dancing and enjoying themselves at the reception. Also, the second photographer can provide the lead photographer with another pair of eyes that pays attention to detail by helping photograph from a different angle, using a different lens.

Second wedding photographer
Wedding at Il Borro in Tuscany

Common misconceptions about second photographers

  • Second photographers do not have relevant experience: That is false because your lead photographer will be hiring and also paying your second photographer to make sure that they fulfill their duties. Every professional photographer is only likely to work with a person they can fully trust when it comes to capturing moments of your wedding day in the same way they do.
  • You will get double the photographs: While a second photographer will be shooting alternate angles and special moments that coincide as your lead captures something else, it does not mean you will get double the wedding photos. The lead photographer will only pick the best images from the work of the second one and deliver those to you.

When you should consider having a second wedding photographer

When you and your fiancé are getting ready at separate places, have a tight schedule, or would like to include various traditional activities or elements into your special day, then you might require another photographer to capture all of the important moments you want. Besides, it’s also normal for lead photographers to hire second photographers to work with them, especially when they are traveling for destination wedding venues.

When you want to capture moments occurring at the same time, such as the wedding couple’s photo session and reception time, your lead photographer cannot be at both of them. In such a case, you will have to hire a second photographer to work with your lead photographer.

Second wedding photographer
Wedding at Il Borro

When you don’t need a second photographer

You may not need to work with a second photographer if you are considering having an incredibly intimate wedding or eloping. Also, if you think that it’s not worth the investment or your budget does not allow you, then a second photographer is not a feasible option.

What do you think of these tips? They are useful to decide if it is worth having a second photographer for your wedding? Share your own thoughts!