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Same-Sex Engagement in Florence

Same sex engagement in Florence

Same-sex engagement in Florence: Couple photo session in the early morning

When Valentina wrote to me for the same-sex engagement in Florence, I was very excited because it would be been my first LGBT photo session in Florence.

 It was a very beautiful experience: On the one hand, I met two fantastic girls, so funny and in love …..and on the other hand, it was very difficult to take photos because Valentina was very shy and she doesn’t like being photographed.  It could seem a contradiction, but in spite of her shyness, she wanted to have some memories of her trip to Italy with her girlfriend.

We met early in the morning before the crowds of tourist would invade the center of Florence, it was so romantic walking around the empty city alleys searching sunbeams.

All the photos of the post “Same sex engagement in Florence” are the property of the wedding photographer in Tuscany Laura Barbera

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