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Intimate maternity photos in Florence

Intimate maternity photos in Florence

Intimate maternity photos in Florence: pregnancy photoshoot in Tuscany

I think giving oneself intimate maternity photos in Florence is a special gift for couples who are expecting a child.

Reviewing the time of pregnancy photos has the power to relive those unique moments. A body in change, a gentle look, a new intimacy of the couple, and the desire to soon embrace your child.

Here, in the intimate maternity photos in Florence, I see all this again. A couple in love, looks of complicity, smiles, and sweetness. Little Lorenzo will be lucky to meet his parents soon.


Intimate maternity photos in Florence

I don’t have a photo studio to take pregnancy photos because I deeply love the naturalness and intimacy of your own home. I find that pregnancy photos are more authentic, that the couple feels much more comfortable in an environment they know and it is always a challenge for me.

Because I love contrasts very much, but to create this type of photograph I need this things: the right light and in the right place. When I arrive at the couple’s house, I never know if I will find these ingredients but the beauty of taking intimate maternity pictures in Florence is just this.

I always do my best to make the photos look exactly the way I like them.

I am aware that not everyone likes this type of photography but I’m still happy because I know that those who choose me imagine seeing themselves in this game of lights that I love deeply.

I leave you to a small selection of intimate maternity photos in Florence, I hope they can be inspiring to you. Enjoy!

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