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Wedding photos in Tuscany

Your memories, today, are my most beautiful memory

I don’t know why, but for me, it becomes inevitable to reach the end of the year and stop to look back at everything that has been. I feel it almost as an act of duty towards myself and life: we run all year to reach who knows what goal and we miss to experience everything we meet along the way.

Stopping to think allows me to give the right weight and taste to everything that has happened; it helps me to recognize everything that has enriched me, matured me and prepared me to face new challenges; I am charged so that I can go forward with courage and gratitude for what we have experienced and carry within us.

Thanks to this job I have the opportunity to meet many different people, coming from far away countries, with cultures different from my own; succeed in establishing a relationship of trust and closeness in a short time, indispensable to create precious memories, I think it’s a beautiful act of love.

These days I’m reading a book about Ikigai, a Japanese word that expresses that feeling of living a meaningful experience that is worth living. It’s what gives our life meaning and can be translated into what we love to do, into our strengths or capabilities, into what the world needs. I’ve been thinking a lot and I’ve realized that this wonderful job, that I’m lucky enough to do, is partly my own Ikigai.

The affection and trust I receive from the people I meet in my work, the joy and satisfaction they show me when they look at the photos I take with them and for them, fill my heart and give my life meaning.

I can only be grateful to all the people who have believed in me and have always supported and encouraged me, to all the couples who have chosen me to tell the story of one of the most beautiful days of their lives, to all the colleagues who have supported and endured me, to all the people who work in this magical wedding world who have trusted me and trusted my professionalism.

It’s been a long and tiring year but looking at these wedding photos in Tuscany fills my heart with joy and gratitude.

I hope that watching this video can at least partially convey to you what I feel. Thank you!




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