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ANFM  annual competition

My story of an elegant and moving wedding in Italy

This is the second year that I’m part of ANFM, the National Association of Wedding Photographers, and is the first year that I participate in the annual competition for the best wedding album.

I simply wanted to participate to test my skills, to understand where I’m wrong, and especially where I can improve. I had every confidence, esteem and respect for all judges who this year had to judge more than 120 works, so I was serene and ready to listen to their criticism of my work.

I tried to give life to a project of mine, without asking advice or comparison with other colleagues, just because I did not want my idea was influenced by anyone, but that it arrived “clean” to the jury and spoke sonly about me.

It was exciting to see projected my album, in front of six judges and a crowded silent audience. Though we say, get naked in front of the judgment of so many people, it is not simple, at least for me.

But I was right, because I’m extremely happy to be appreciated, to have received a score indicating the album as a professional work above the average. A very unexpected result that, along with the feedback received, motivate me to continue on this path and continue to work with a passion for getting better and better.

A small goal but, for me and my story, it really has the feel of a small victory; a goal that has already become a point of start.

I thank infinitely ANFM, because the more that an association is a big family, where you learn so many things, we share, we discuss it, we argue, we love and we hate it … just like in all families that operate. Thanks also to all the people close to me who have always supported and encouraged me … I know how much my “are not able to” may weigh. Thanks also to my wonderful bride and groom, in this case in particular to Charlotte and Paul, who have showered me with affection like a real family.

If after all these words still have the desire to see my work, thank you and your comments are welcome



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54 / 100