Questions & Answers

If you have any doubt or curiosity, probably here you will be able to find the answer. Otherwise, don't hesitate to contact me, I'm your disposal for any clarification.

How would you define your style?

I think I could define my style as a mix of a wedding reportage and couple portraits, but I've never liked labels so I'd better describe it: I try to take pictures of what's happening without interfering with the events, I do love spontaneity and authenticity, that's the reason why you'll see me moving around without being indiscrete or intrusive. I also like taking photos of couple portraits (in case the couple agrees with that), of course without asking them to act unnaturally.

Do you work exclusively in Tuscany?

Of course not. I adore travelling and discovering new places, therefore I'll be happy to follow you anywhere you want to take me to.

What are the travel costs?

We can talk and then decide together the travel costs. There won't be any further spending for trips that take no more than 2 hours from Florence. Otherwise, I ask for a refund due to the travel and, in case we might stay overnight somewhere, we can look for accommodation that is near the location which could satisfy both of us.

How much time will you spend at our wedding day?

I usually propose several hours' packages of 4,8 or 12 but I never run away when time's up. The most important thing for me is that once I've finished working I've photographed everything, otherwise I won't leave the wedding. In case you tell that you need me for more time during the party, I'd be glad to stay, at an additional cost.

Will you photograph every guest of the wedding?

This depends on how many of them there will be. When the number of the guests is more than 80 it might happen that I could miss someone. Such a thing could happen not because I don't have enough time, but because I could miss something while paying attention to what's going on during the party. But in case you have any special request, you can talk to me about that.

Do you take pictures of family and friends' groups too?

It would be my pleasure to photograph groups of people in the best setting for it if you ask me, according to the location and the light. I always tell the bride and groom who don't love such pictures to think about their grandparents and parents' photos. It's absolutely worth it to take 10 minutes just with relatives and close friends, in order to create unforgettable memories.

When will you deliver us the photos?

It usually takes about three or four months to deliver the photos because it demands a lot of time to select and elaborate them with my own style. During the weddings' season there's a real lack of time, therefore I prefer taking a little more time and do a great, accurate job.

How will you deliver us the photos?

I'll deliver you the photos through an online gallery which is dedicated to you only and protected with a password. All the pictures are in high resolution, and it's possible to download them all or singularly on every device (portable or not), thanks to a free app. In this way, you'll be able to share the gallery with friends and relatives or share it on social networks. The gallery will be available online for 10 years so that you can have all the time you need to save the photos anywhere you like.

Will you deliver us every photo?

I won't because I normally take from 4000 up to 6000 photos for one wedding. I usually deliver 1000 of them(of course such a number depends on how many hours I've worked and on what happens during the wedding day) and I create a Best-Portfolio that includes about 300/400 pictures, which will be edited a second time. Anyway, the rest of the photos is available anytime you need. If there's a picture you want that is not included in the Best-Portfolio, no problem! Just tell me and I'll edit and include it.

How can we book your service?

The best way to book in order to have me at your wedding is writing an e-mail, which you can find on the contacts' page here and you should specify the genre of service you need, the date and the location. I'd be glad to read any further information you want to.

Do you employ photo-editing programs in order to improve the way one looks?

I use a program that helps me improve the picture's general quality: it fixes exposition, contrast, white balance setting, shots' clarity, colors and so on. I don't use Photoshop to edit the way one looks, and when people ask me to remove every wrinkle, I answer them that there's no point in editing real emotions.

Do you work on the video too?

I don't work on the video personally, but I've got some trusted colleagues with whom I work very good since we share the same style and the same way we approach a wedding. The synergy between who works on the photos and who works on video is absolutely fundamental for a good result. Therefore I would be glad to give you their contacts.

Do you work on your own or with anyone else?

I usually work alone, but the couple can decide to have a second photographer with an additional cost. It's not necessary to have a second photographer if both the bride and groom get ready in the same location. Otherwise if the two get ready at different places that are away from one another, or if there are many guests, then having the help of a second person would surely help to get a completely good work.

How much time before the wedding do we need to get in touch with you?

I usually advise getting in touch with me for 8 or 6 months before, because most people book the weekends. However, you can contact me even if you're in a rush with the wedding. Who knows? I could be available!

What if it rains? How do we manage to take the photos?

Don't worry in case it rains, I always bring with me two nice umbrellas for you two and a raincoat for me. What we only need is to have fun together under the rain, the pictures can be absolutely stunning. In case the location has an indoor space we could always use the natural light of the windows to create impressive compositions.

We really like getting ready's photos, what's important to know in order to get the picture's best result?

The most important thing while getting ready is light. I always suggest the bride get hair and make-up in front of a window. There's a huge difference among pictures that are taken under a natural or artificial light. And remember that everything surrounding you will be depicted in the photo, so try to keep the room as tidy as possible if you don't want to see mountains of objects, clothes, suitcases and so on.

We really like couple photos but we wouldn't like to spend too much time on them, which could be the best solution?

There's no problem, we'll spend the exact amount of time you want to. So we'll have more or fewer photos depending on the time we have. When the couple lets me do whatever I want, it usually takes me half an hour and of course the attention of both you is needed.

The wedding party will be outdoor, what would you suggest us to achieve the photos' best final result?

Outdoor events are so pleasant, even though light may become an enemy. I strongly advise couples to not have parties before 5 p.m. during the summer. It's too hot and the light is too high, thus it creates shadows and contrasts that are so hard to edit. You have always to pay attention to the way the sun is moving so that you can decide to have it in front of or behind you or laterally. Also make sure that the chairs where you'll sit, or the place where you'll stand, has the same light for both of you.