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An elegant wedding in Florence

An elegant wedding in Florence - Laura Barbera Photography

Wedding photoshoot: An elegant wedding in Florence

What you’re about to see is a small selection of photos of an elegant wedding in Florence that I had the pleasure of taking this year. It was the last wedding of the unfortunate 2020 season, but the luck was to be able to do it. When I met Gèraldine and Philippe we had no idea what would happen, not even the most fervent imagination could foresee a pandemic. But both they and I never gave up hope until the last and despite the appropriate restrictions, it was a beautiful day.

I remember very well the feeling as soon as I woke up on the morning of October 3rd, that excitement for the happiness of taking pictures at a wedding in Florence, a veil of sadness thinking it was the last wedding scheduled and the disappointment for the weather forecast that gave rain all day without respite.

It is with this state of mind (and with the umbrella) that I reached Gèraldine and Philippe at Villa Il Frantoio delle Grazie, a typical historic Florentine residence clos to the city where the guys, along with the bridesmaids, witnesses, and families, have prepared themselves.  

An elegant wedding in Florence

When I arrived, the bride had just given a gift and a letter to all her bridesmaids. Who read, who cried, who embraced, who laughed. I was overwhelmed by a wave of emotions and there I immediately realized that it would be a wonderful day, despite the rain and despite the mask that makes you miss the air when you work.

My words may seem obvious, I know, but actually finding an atmosphere of affection, emotion, and sharing is not at all taken for granted. Tension often makes you nervous, especially when marriage is experienced with performance anxiety. The fear that something will not go according to our plans takes precedence over enjoying the moment to the end. But this was not the case. Gèraldine and Philippe’s elegant wedding in Florence was like a big hug. 

You know when you have a dinner with that couple of friends so sensitive, attentive and generous that welcomes you with warmth and makes you feel pampered all the time? Well, that’s what I felt about this wedding. And I am always very honored to be able to witness with my wedding photographs the atmosphere that you breathe.  

Wedding photoshoot in Florence

The bride and groom’s getting ready is always my favorite moment ever. I like to tiptoe into their moods, I like to be able to use the light to make the moment intimate and introspective, and the fact that it rained outside made all this even more magical. I remember with a smile the exciting looks that Gèraldine and Philippe exchanged during the ceremony; the smiles and tears of emotion between the hugs with friends and relatives.

Their words of affection and those of their friends and relatives filled the reception room, along with laughter during games and surprises. It was an elegant wedding in Florence full of emotions, I hope I was able to capture everything I experienced and that these wedding photographs can be the most faithful memory of what they experienced.   Venue: Villa Viviani  Video: Vertigo Floral designer: Chiara Landucci


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