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Wedding photos at Borgo di Vignamaggio

This year I was lucky enough to take pictures at an elegant wedding at Borgo di Vignamaggio.

And I say it for two reasons: because it is a privilege to enjoy so much beauty and elegance and because it was one of the first weddings since the opening of the wonderful Borgo di Vignamaggio, after over 5 years of restoration work.

The Borgo di Vignamaggio is located between Florence and Siena, immersed in the Chianti countryside, among the hills of olive trees and vineyards typical of the Tuscan territory.

A charming place that offers guests 13 suits furnished with an exclusive taste and design, a theater for private shows, a chapel with original frescoes, two ballrooms, a heated pool with a breathtaking view of the Tuscan hills.

In addition to several events rooms, a beautiful glass greenhouse, a square in front of the Villa and a huge courtyard between the various structures around the Villa.

A series of good reasons to organize an elegant wedding at Borgo di Vignamaggio and spend a weekend immersed in beauty and relaxation.

The wedding at Borgo di Vignamaggio

Jess and Jim decided to organize their wedding at Borgo di Vignamaggio at the beginning of September, a perfect choice to enjoy the pleasant temperature and the golden light that we photographers like so much.

They chose to celebrate outdoors the symbolic rite of their wedding in the rose garden, a terrace characterized by a wrought iron pergola with a beautiful view of the hills of the Tuscan countryside.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests enjoyed an excellent aperitif outdoors in the spacious courtyard of the Borgo di Vignamaggio.

After that, we spent half an hour on the couple’s photo session taking advantage of the sunlight before sunset.

We walked between the terrace of the Pergola, the main square set up for dinner, and the solarium above the pool. A wedding photography session of spontaneous wedding photographs and romantic couples portraits.

The outdoor dinner under a sky of lights was wonderful: two imperial tables set up in a refined, minimal, and elegant, and the colors perfectly echoed those of the place.

During the dinner, the speeches of the guests were fun and engaging, and the atmosphere was really relaxed and familiar. Great laughter and some tears of emotion made it all very intimate and participated.

And then wild dances on the dance floor. A stage was set up ad hoc in the square for a large band that animated the night with live music, the bride and groom and their guests let themselves go having a lot of fun to the sound of pop music.

The night  then continued in the disco room with the bar inside the Villa, but everything that happened then is in the memory of the guests 🙂


My experience with the bride and groom

Jess and Jim are a couple of disarming beauties, but I’m not just talking about an aesthetic. I was struck by the elegance in the ways of doing, the way they look at each other. Reserved, kind and welcoming.

Jess is of a delicate elegance without equal, ironic, brilliant, and sensitive. It was really a pleasure to have been with my camera, the official witness of a wonderful and elegant wedding at Borgo di Vignamaggio.

I tried to respect their privacy, not to invade their intimacy, to make them feel comfortable and above all I tried to transform these words into images in which the spouses can recognize themselves and find themselves.

But now it is up to you to evaluate it :)!


Suppliers: WP: Debora Chioccini e Simonetta Paoli  Flowers: Viola malva  Catering: Ristorante Tonino  Muah: Bezal make-up   Video:  Pompei Films   Lights: Kaleydo    Cake: Sugar Cups 


The photos of an elegant wedding at Borgo di Vignamaggio  are taken by Laura Barbera wedding photographer in Tuscany




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