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Post-wedding photo session in Val d’Orcia

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When Marzena wrote me to ask if it was possible to take some couple’s pictures in Pienza, I was very enthusiastic because I deeply love Val d’Orcia: the landscape is breathtaking and it has different colors every single time.
Peter and Marzena love this part of Tuscany too, and they go on holiday here for three years already: they adore the colors, the calm, the food, the sunsets… they’re so right.

From the very first e-mails, I understood that they were very happy to experience a photoshoot through Pienza’s campaigns, and when I met them I had an ulterior confirm.
We walked through Pienza’s streets, through Corsignano‘s fields finally reaching the small Cappella di Vitaleta.

Children were running while surprised by this strange person taking pictures of them and sometimes they were distracted by the crickets jumping from the just cut grain that they threw in the air to make them fly with the wind.

Mom and dad lived the emotions and the feelings of that moment, their complicity and their way to stay together, their smiles represented the expression of a calm love, such a beautiful subject to stare and to take pictures of. Everything was very spontaneous, you could breathe a positive energy thanks to the trust they had in me.

Marzena talked about her life, about the difficulties with her job as a judge in Poland and her passion for singing which she has improved as a real profession. I found myself in her own words, in the frustration of not being enough but still having a dream… it may have been for that thing that we suddenly felt a certain harmony.

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