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I know that, while a part of you is still trying to read and pronounce this weird word, many others are trying to understand its meaning. No, it isn’t any tongue-twister nor a “supercazzola” (meaning a no-sense) as one would say in Florence… And don’t ask Google either, because it doesn’t know!

I’ll explain this to you: PsyBLOGrapher is an idea, a project, a new way to challenge myself with images, words and knowledge. It’s a Blog that will talk about my two greatest passions: Psychology and Photography. These two worlds seem apparently far away between each other, but actually, they’re deeply linked and my curiosity is longing to find connections and associations among them.

Why such an idea? Because that grandiose part of my personality is convinced that knowledge makes people free … free to act how they want and free to think whatever they want to. And if I helped anyone with my tiny drop in the sea, I could say that I’ve contributed to saving the world (damn megalomania!). If I tickled your curiosity, then I hope my articles will be a nice way to start with. Every thought and comment are welcome, apart of off.

Thanks to being here!

7 / 100