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Pregnancy photoshoot in Val d’Orcia

I really like being able to take pregnancy photos in the Tuscan countryside, both because I’m in love with the sunsets of the Val d’Orcia and because couples who are waiting for a child shine with their own light. 

I met Danelle a couple of years ago when she asked me to be her photographer for her engagement photoshoot in the Cinque Terre. When she wrote to tell me that she was expecting a baby and that she would return to Italy to take some pregnancy photos in the Tuscan countryside, I was really very happy. 

With enthusiasm, I proposed the Val d’Orcia, an area that extends between Siena and Grosseto, characterized by soft hills of wheat, the famous cypresses, and the beautiful medieval villages in the countryside. 

I proposed the hills below the village of Pienza, famous for the excellent cheese and for having a breathtaking view. In particular, we went to the countryside adjacent to the Agriturismo a  Terrapille, renowned for some scenes shot in the movie “The Gladiator”.

Pregnancy photos in the Tuscan countryside

It was August and we chose to meet at sunset to take advantage of the golden light that illuminates the hills now completely reaped.

We had fun walking through the hills, we also found a small vineyard where to take some pictures of pregnancy. Danelle had brought a couple of dress changes because she liked the idea of having several different photos even if at the same time.

I leave you to a small selection of pregnancy photos in the Tuscan countryside, with the hope of making you enjoy the Tuscan sunsets!

81 / 100