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Intimate maternity photography in Florence

Pregnancy photographer in Tuscany

When one of my friends is pregnant, I can’t resist taking a maternity photo session for them.
This is what happened with Nicoletta and Tommaso.  Since we’re colleagues and friends, I asked Nicoletta if she wanted to take some couple’s maternity photos before it was too late.

We met when the time had finished according to the previsions, hoping that the little Niccolò didn’t want to see the world that exact afternoon.  At least I would have run to the hospital, there might’ve been a documentary on pregnancy too :-).

At the end everything went good, Nicoletta and Tommaso have been such beautiful subjects to take pictures of they smiled, they were happy and so in love, so excited for their baby Niccolò’s arrival! It has been a great afternoon of chatter, laughter, and photos.

It’s always a great emotion for me to have the privilege to witness important moments of life thanks to my photos. The joy and the love that emerge while I try to enter the couple’s intimacy and their small things always move me. With Nicoletta and Tommaso this was even amplified.

I thank them again for the trust (since one of my first works for weddings was for their one) and for letting me in during such a fundamental time for them. I hope that the one who will look at this maternity photography session in Florence could feel the tenderness and the happiness of this moment!

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