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Pregnancy photographer in Florence: Pictures with the belly in the intimacy of your home

I really like to photograph people, to grasp the smiles, the glances of understanding, the tears of joy. The emotions, intimacy, the spontaneity, are what characterizes my work, both as a wedding photographer in Tuscany and as a pregnancy photographer in Florence.  I love the naturalness of pregnancy photographs taken within the walls of one’s own home, I like to be able to find myself in different contexts with lights equally difficult to manage and to make the most of what I have available to create good memories for my customers.

When the weather allows and the couple is interested, I find it very nice to be able to take outdoors pregnancy photos: the warm light of the sunset between the green of the Tuscan countryside or the first rays of the sun between the streets of the historic center of Florence, they’re another chance to capture such an important moment for a couple.

I consider myself a pregnancy photographer in Florence a bit different from all those who prefer to shoot in the studio, my goal is not to create perfect and dreamy images but to be able to grasp the complicity of the couple in the intimacy of their home: imperfection is what makes us unique, which is why I don’t use photo editing programs. I always say that emotions have no wrinkles, that a smile attracts our eyes more than any skin defect. I am happy to be able to find couples who share my way of working and this makes me really very proud of the pregnancy photographer in Florence that I am.

Pregnancy photographer in Florence

This pregnancy photoshoot that you’re about to see, has an added value for me because I already knew Ambra and Jacopo who chose me a little over a year ago, to be their wedding photographer. They are a couple very much in love, you see it from the way they look at each other, from the attentions they exchange, and from their way of smiling together. It was a pleasure to get to know them and I was even happier to witness such a special moment in their lives again.

Their bedroom and the light of a covered sky in November were enough to create the perfect frame for their pregnancy photographs. All the rest is thanks to them, their laughter to win some shyness, their hugs to enjoy this moment.  Here is a small selection of pregnancy photos taken in Florence, I hope you can find everything I said and that can be inspiring.


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