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Intimate couple picture  in Florence

-Waiting for Teseo-

When someone contacts me for maternity pictures I’m always very happy about it, especially when they ask for some couple’s pictures. I love it because you can almost touch the feeling that joins the couple, their emotions for the baby’s arrival that are so strong and inspiring. For a person like me, who’s fascinated by the research of love, the pictures of maternity feel like when you’re looking forward to your dad to take you on a swing on a Sunday morning: then that day finally comes, you close your eyes feeling the wind moving your hair and you taste happiness.
When I met Caterina and Fabio to talk about the photoshoot, I simply felt home… their embarrassed sweetness and real complicity conquered me in a minute.

Working with them was pleasant, funny and we decided to take those pictures at home, still hoping that the temperatures could let us take some outside pictures with the spring’s amazing colors before Teseo would arrive obviously. In the end, we made it! What you’re about to see is part of the result.

Maternity photography session in Florence

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