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As an Engagement Photographer Florence, I often take engagement photos in Florence and I am extremely happy to be able to do so. I have the opportunity to meet couples in love from all over the world and remain intrigued by the different ways in which a couple expresses their complicity and their love through the engagement photoshoot.

In Italy it’s not usual to take engagement photos or get immortalized during the wedding proposal, instead, I believe that these are special moments worth keeping a photographic memory. It’s nice to see the eyes in love, the affectionate hugs, the laughter of friends accomplices, all this in the beautiful Renaissance setting of Florence.

Engagement photographer Florence

If I have to make an estimate, most of the people who contact me to organize an engagement photography session are men. The idea is to surprise own girlfriend and they ask for advice about the most beautiful and romantic places to take their photo album.

I am very happy to contribute to the success of the engagement photoshoot and I always recommend an itinerary that can make them enjoy the spectacle of this city.

Very often along with the engagement photos, I  immortalize the actual wedding proposal. A very exciting time for me too, as well as full of responsibility. I need to be able to organize the moment in the best possible way, because just a small misunderstanding error and the photograph that captures the decisive moment may not be taken in the best possible way.

The most important thing is the light: if the subject is in a shadow area and the background is illuminated by the sun, the photograph won’t be good at all, because to have the right light on the subject, the background will be completely burned, so bright as to be almost white.

The same is true for the opposite when the subject is illuminated by the sun and the background in the shade, you will only see the black background.

Marriage proposal in Florence

This is a small selection of the engagement photos and the wedding proposal that Chan wanted to organize for his girlfriend while they were on holiday in Florence.

Chan and I wrote a lot in the months before the photoshoot because we wanted everything to be flawless. The place where he wanted to kneel to give her the ring, was not at all the right place to take photographs because the light was one of the worst. But in the end, we were very lucky because big rain-laden clouds solved the problem of dazzling light in the background and gave an even more romantic atmosphere to the proposal.

I hope you like my job as an engagement photographer Florence, are you also planning a surprise wedding proposal? Tell me about your ideas.

Venue: Picteau Lounge

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