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Bohemian elopement in the Tuscan countryside

It was almost the end of the first lockdown of 2020, when the beautiful Dashiell, wedding planner of her agency The wedding Knot in Tuscany, called me to propose to take pictures for a bohemian elopement at Relais Ortaglia in Montepulciano organized by her together with other suppliers in the wedding sector.  I accepted with extreme pleasure, both because I love Dashiell, is a girl full of energy, determined, very welcoming, and authentic in everything she does; and because after months locked in the house knowing that the wedding season 2020 would be difficult to leave, I couldn’t wait to get my cameras back. And I’m very glad I did. 

I met some wonderful suppliers, starting from Sandra and Phil, the owners of the splendid structure that hosted us for this bohèmian elopement at their Relais Ortaglia in Montepulciano. The joyful and eager atmosphere of creating a styled shoot that was an inspiration for all those young couples who dream of getting married in the heart of the Tuscan countryside has created a beautiful synergy between all of us suppliers and has rekindled that flame that burns with passion for this work.


Bohemian style in weddings

Dashiell has perfectly organized this bohemian elopement at Relais Ortaglia in Montepulciano. If specifically, you don’t know what is meant when it comes to bohemian marriage, I’ll help you immediately to clarify.  The term Bohèm was coined in France in the 19th century and was used to describe the unconventional lifestyle of artists, musicians, and actors who did not want to obey the rules of the bourgeoisie. The bohemian style in weddings refers to the freedom to express what best represents your personality, respecting a philosophy of life linked to the hippy world.

For this reason, it’s preferred an environment surrounded by nature, as venues in perfect country style but not excessively luxurious. They’re used in neutral colors combined with colorful flowers and vintage or gypsy details. The materials chosen are ecological, simple, and modern.  Don’t miss the bride’s dress, strictly made of soft, light, and fluttering fabric. If with lace details, even better. No shoes heel 12cm but flat shoe type ballerinas, simple sandals without heel or even directly barefoot.

Of course, makeup and hairstyle must also be as natural as possible, so it’s preferred loose hair or with a few strands collected, perhaps adorned with a crown of fresh flowers. Even the bouquet must be as natural as possible, nothing static and compact but large flowers colorful and seasonal. The Bohemian style is definitely suitable for all those couples who have a free spirit, who don’t want to feel constrained by precise rules. For couples who love nature and who like to express themselves in absolute freedom, playing with elegant retro details combined with simple and modern elements.  

Bohemian elopement at Relais Ortaglia in Montepulciano

The bohemian elopement at Relais Ortaglia in Montepulciano perfectly reflects the Bohemian style. Relais Ortaglia is a beautiful farmhouse nestled in the heart of the Tuscan countryside a stone’s throw from the charming village of Montepulciano that can even be admired directly from the garden. Surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and hills is the perfect location for lovers of nature and comfort. Not to mention the hospitality of Sandra, Phil, and their sweet and cute dog Cooper!

The dress chosen for the bride is cotton, light and fluttering, in perfect hippy style, accompanied by comfortable sandals without bream heels. The hairstyle is soft and natural and the crown of white roses gives that touch of elegance but at the same time of simplicity and naturalness. The location has many interesting points to organize the outdoor ceremony, Dashiell has chosen to have the sunset over the hills of vineyards as a background and to use an arch entirely made of pampas with detail of colorful flowers.

Even the details of the dinner table are in perfect bohemian style: retro candlesticks, lace and crochet fabrics, vintage golden plates and colorful flowers. The same flowers that embellished the beautiful cake that recalls the trunk of a tree, in accordance with the Boho philosophy. I thank Dashiell and all the suppliers for the good teamwork done together and for the harmony that has been created. I’ll let you look at the photo gallery of bohemian elopement at Relais Ortaglia in Montepulciano hoping that they will inspire you.



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